DT880 vs. K501 - both modified
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Oct 15, 2002
K501 - Mogami 2534 Neglex (Quad) to 4 pin XRL
DT880 / with: DT931 Headband - Mogami 3106 / Dual 2552 to 4 Pim XRL

Source: Onkyo S555 DVD (Burr Brown DACs)
diy magnetic oxide coated copper wire ICs
AMP: Parasound HCA-1000A THX ULTRA amp

Song: DVD, Madonna: Vogue (Warner Music Group, Vol. 1, PRO-DEV-8702
Volume Level set at 1st vocal break after live & bass into.

The DT880 has very deep bass. Air volume felt. Snare and drum Percussion very sharp. Triangles can be heard and fely.

DT880 takes LESS volume than K501.

At same volumee level: K501 a little sharper (distortion).
Drums much sharper.

Half as much air volume moving.
Repositioned for greatest bass:
female vocals just a little too sharp.Pads need half distance - compression results in a much fuller swound. 1/8" may be too much.

0:40, 0:57 (audience - no distortion), 1:22 drum intro, 1:45 paradidles, 2:25 compression,
Can really feel bass guitar

DT880 has better power handling.
It can take a lot of bass power.
(Must have a very powerful amp)
In some repects - too much bass.
1 KHz sounds like it is -0.75dB
2 KHz - -1.9 dB
2500 Hz - -2.1 dB
3500 Hz - - 3.4 dB
5000 Hz - - 3 dB - 7dB
How can you guys take listenig at this volume? ~92 dB

Who's selling a Berheringer Digital EQ?

For Hip Hop / Electronica - Dt880 - have a massive power amp.

I drive mine from an amp that can do 75 wrms/ch,

K501 still does triangles better.

To give the K401/K501 more bass slam (Grado like), have your pads cut back about 1/8". Make that 3/32"

You know how you tell the guys to put the pads betweeen a phone book to open up the headband?

On a K501 you have to do the opposite - compress the pads for better bass.

To keep the soundstaging, just shorten the front / cheek area.

Oh, yeah. mod coming up.

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