DT880 comfort problems - looking for alternatives
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Apr 30, 2020
Hello everyone,

I own a pair of BD DT880 that I quite like sound-wise, however they are very uncomfortable on my ears. The probleme here is that the pads are not deep enough and the cartilage of my ear presses against the driver cover. I've tried deeped pads (Dekoni Elite Velours) which solved the comfort problem, but they changed the sound of the DTs by too much (boomy bass). So here we are!

Budget: Up to ~400€ (I'm based in Germany)
Source/Amp: Desktop (no-name DAC/Amp) and AVR
How the gear will be used: Mostly for Music, maybe some gaming and movies. Stationary at home.
Preferred tonal balance: Should be relatively neutral, no boomy bass, not too excessice highs
Preferred music genre(s): Focused on Rock, Pop, Electronic, some Rap.

Other than the DT880s, I've tried a Sennheiser 599 and AKG 712. Both were much better in terms of comfort. Sound-wise, I didn't like the Sennheiser too much (not as clear as the BD and the AKG). The AKG is good, nice bass, great soundstage.

However, in direct comparison to the BD, the soundstage might even be a bit too big? Hard to describe, but with some tracks I feel like the clear separation makes it harder to enjoy the music as a whole. I feel in that sense the BD is a bit better for relaxed/fun listening, although the BD could do with a bit more soundstage.

TL;DR: Looking for a replacement for my DT880s for comfort reasons. Should be similar soundwise, maybe with a tad less highs and a bit more soundstage. Should have relatively deep pads.

I am currently considering the HD58x/6xx and the HM Sundara, so any input on how these compare soundwise to the DT (and AKG) would be interesting.

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