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DT770 vs HD555(FM) and HD280Pro

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by circuitbender, Jan 11, 2011.
  1. Circuitbender
    Just as the title says, I own a pair of HD555s (Foam-modded) and a pair of 280 Pros. I'm thinking of selling both and getting the DT770s instead. It's not set in stone, but I want something in that price range (200-250). I listen mainly to rock, jazz, blues, and some electronic music, and I'm currently running my laptop or my Fuze (all FLAC or V0) through my home-made CMOY to the cans. Comfort is top priority, even above sound if two pairs are tied in other aspects. I like the sound of the 555s, but that could just be because I'm used to them. Aside from music listening I also will be using these cans for gaming and movie/show watching so I want them to be good all-round. These will also be my only cans so I don't want to be only able to use them at home, thus my closed-back requirement. I'm not too concerned with portability because I'm fine with buying a nice case.
    -Rock, jazz, blues, movies, games
    -Comfort is key
    -High-quality sources through amp
    -Closed-back a must
    -Portability is nice but not necessary
    Thank you!
  2. swbf2cheater
    consider a set of used Denon D2000s, which are at least in my opinion much nicer than the beyer.  Cant go wrong with either
  3. Circuitbender
    I'd also like to say that I'm perfectly alright with spending less for comparable sound/comfort/quality.
  4. Circuitbender
    la bomp :)
  5. Traeger2591
    Well if closed back is a must, I would recommend the D2000 as well. M50 can be had for a little bit cheaper and I enjoy mine quite a bit. I didn't care for the SRH-440 but you might like the 840. 440 Was quite uncomfortable after about 30 mins of use and the sound quality was mediocre.
  6. Traeger2591
    You might like the DT770 though. When I listened to them (briefly) I thought they had a nice sound. It was airy and the cans were very comfy. Similar to the m50 but with a better soundstage I would say.
  7. Circuitbender
    So you guys would go for the M50s? 
  8. mr56k
         I owned the 555's for quite awhile and liked them. With that said I think the DT770's are better. The Beyers are more comfortable yet and have better bass imo. I haven't
    found a better headphone for watching movies that are this comfortable. Haven't heard the M50's yet but the 770's work great for movies/games. Good luck!
  9. dye1337
    I haven't had much time with the 555's so I won't say about those, but I find the hd280pros to be sub par.  I got them as a gift for my mom for cheap, I also have a set somewhere in my house that I've been meaning to repair that I got with one ear not working.
  10. Circuitbender
    Hm, it doesn't look as though I'm going to be able to make enough money on the sale of both my 555s and the 280Pros to afford cans in the original price range. However, the consensus seems to be the M50, which is significantly cheaper than the OP anyways. I've already decided that if I ever get another open pair of cans it has to be the Grado SR60i. Anyways, anyone wanna buy a BNIB pair of 280Pros? :D
    No seriously, thank you all guys. I think the choice is obvious now.
  11. dye1337
    I prefer the dt770 to the m50, but that's why I haven't sold mine yet and got an m50 [​IMG]
    If you can't make the $, an m50 would be a decent substitute though
  12. Circuitbender
    I agree that the DT770 would probably be a good choice, especially because of those velour pads :drool:. However, I feel like HD280s are less in demand than, say M50s, and because of that, even a good deal on one of them wouldn't necessarily sell quickly... Anyways, I have till April to get a nice, comfy set of closed cans so I'm not that worried.
  13. TomPickle
    I can't really compare the DT770s to much else as they are by far the best headphones I've ever owned (PX-100s would probably be the second), but they are extremely comfortable. I have no problems wearing them for very long stretches.
    I suppose it depends on just what you mean by portability, but I would not want to listen to them on-the-go on a train or something like that. They do come with a pretty nice case if you just plan on taking them with you to work, the library, or a computer lab however.
  14. Circuitbender

    So, you don't think these would be OK for listening on a plane/in an airport, etc? Other than that it's just going to be home, library, work, in the car...

  15. TomPickle
    It's not that you couldn't, it just seems like more trouble than it's worth to me. The cable is quite long and unless you're getting the 32 ohm you're also going to need an amp. On a plane might not be so bad, but for a trip shorter than 30 minutes or so it wouldn't be worth it for me to have to go through the process of taking them out of the case, unraveling the cord, getting out your amp, getting out your mp3 player, and dealing with the extra wires only to listen to a few songs before you have to put everything away.
    They're quite light and they don't leak much sound so they're quite nice for traveling in those respects, it's just more than I would want to deal with every day commuting.

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