DT770 pro80 vs. Denon d2000 ultimate thread
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May 15, 2008
Between DT770 pro80 and Denon d2000

3 questions below
1.Which one has the more bass quantity, quality, and then impact?

3 questions below
2. Which one has the better midrange, is more detailed, and has the better treble?

1 question here
3. Which one is more comfortable for long periods of listening?

1 question here
4. Which one scales better when amped?

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Feb 2, 2004
I have owned both... The DT770 (80ohm) about a year or two ago and I have had the D2000's since Christmas.

For what it's worth... the D2000's trump the DT770's in overall quality by quite a large margin in my opinion.

1) I think the DT770's had a little more bass than the D2000's (trying to remember is hard!). However the quality of the D2000's bass is much better. The D2000 is less boomy, more 'textured' and... well just better. The D2000's have much more impact as I remember due to them being tighter.

2) Midrange on the DT770's is quite recessed and distant. The D2000 is more upfront and in your face. I much prefer the D2000's. I am not sure about the detail but I would guess the D2000's win again. Treble on the DT770 was harsh to my ears and quite fautiging. The D2000's treble is very clear and detailed without being harsh or grainey to my ears. Another win to the D2000's

3) Both of these phones are very comfortable for my head. No winner here.

4) Not sure. I know that the DT770's need a pretty good amp to control all their bass and tame the treble or they will sound horrible. The D2000's also need a good amp for the same reason in my opinion.

Good luck with your choice!! I wouldn't hesitate to get the D2000's.

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Feb 20, 2008
I'd agree with most of what the post above me said except on 2 parts...

3) The Denon's are the most comfortable headphones on the planet. DT 770's clamp rather tight on your head and even though the pads are velour, they're no where near as comfortable as the Denons.

4) I think the 770's really need to be amplified. I was severly disappointed wiht my 770 (80)'s when i first got them. To the point where I thought they could be fake. Amping (and burning in) considerably improved the sound. The Denon's on the otherhand handed themselves extremely well without an amp. Amping of course makes them better but the differernce isn't nearly as extreme for me as it was with the 770's.

Overall, the Denons are a far superior headphone.

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