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DT770 Pro 80 ohm Portable DAC + Amp

  1. HiFiHobo
    Hey all! I recently purchased the Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 80 ohm headphones and am looking for an upgrade to the ****ty DAC in my PC tower. The one in my MacBook is supposedly pretty good and can output 96k, but my PC cannot. Need something I can use on my phone as well. I've looked at the SMSL M2, FiiO E10K, and a few others, but don't have anywhere nearby where I can test them. Any thoughts?
  2. taffy2207
    What's your budget?
  3. HiFiHobo
    Below $120
  4. PurpleAngel Contributor
    Sell off the DT770 Pro 80-Ohm and put all your audio budget into headphones with a low impedance (Ohm).
  5. newholland
    hm.. that kinda blows up quite a few options-- and i'd say that the majority of sub 200 dollar critters for that kinda dough are gonna be pretty similar! but if you can squeak a bit-- i can give a pretty good recommendation for the ifi idsd nano black label which i use with 80 ohm 770s with no difficulty, and also dt150 250 ohm. it'll run you about $199... but if you can swing it, it really is a fine sounding combo with the 770 pros.
  6. HiFiHobo
    Personally I really like the sound from the DT770's. I don't have a big problem driving them with the default DAC and amp from my laptop and phone, but want something a bit clearer. Also classical tracks could use a bit more gain. Don't know/haven't heard anything about these headphones either, so I'll probably stick with the DT770's. Thanks though.
  7. HiFiHobo
    I really want something that could give me a bit more clarity with a bit more powerful for portable use until I invest in a desktop DAC and amp. Don't want to shell out too much so I can save for a more studio grade desktop amp and DAC. However, if you think there is a big enough difference in quality between sub $120 and $200, I could be swayed :wink:
    Last edited: Dec 31, 2018
  8. newholland
    ah man, i hemmed and hawed for a long time- and made do with a single listening platform (a focusrite pro40 and a 6120 based headphone amp- more loud than particularly subtle) in a room i play music and record in. always a great sound... but it kept me isolated way up in a corner of the house.. the ifi is really great sounding, and about the size of a deck of cards, and now the entire family can see how silly i look in a set of dt150s, and it's a real shame to deprive them of that :D but it's also nice that i can take the thing, plug it in anywhere theres a usb port and an internet connection, and have a reference system to go over mixes and just listen on WHATEVER cans OR IEMs. definitely been a worthy investment and it has me listening WAY more because i can basically anyplace.

    WRT how it does with the dt770pros, this i can tell you from actual experience- it's a pretty decent match. the nano BL has plenty of grunt to rein in the big bottom of the 770s, and it's warm enough to keep the top end from being too much. its shines a pretty good light on what 770s sound like, for sure, and shakes some of the burrs off from lesser amps to my ears. even if it's not the be all end all of resolution-- i really enjoy it, especially given that it's not crazy expensive!
    Last edited: Dec 31, 2018
  9. JediMa70
    Any FiiO amp will drive those dt770 80 ohm it depends on your budget

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