dt770 into motorcycle helmet, possible???
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so i'lve seen some pics of the dt 770 drivers, i'm not sure if you can, but does anybody think you could put them in a motorcycle helmet?? cause that's the sound i would love,,,,,, plus it wouldn't totally cut the world out like e500s do, i only use one ear with them, but i'ld love to get stereo sound....
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not the whole phone,, just the drivers, i would think that the helmet padding and the fibreglass shell would be similar to the can of the dt, there are recessed areas for your ears that manufactures make speakers for, but most of those speakers suk.... very tinny and no bass i was thinkin i could just buy replacement parts for mine and use them,,,
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hahahaahah nice
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Mod it. Do it urself. Cut out a whole in the motorcyle helmet and stick the earcup in.

Yeah, that's basically what it'd require. The original earcup or a new cup of about the same shape and dimensions as the original.

But i don't advise screwing around with the brain-bucket. You need the contents of that thing long-term, yaknow.

Aim lower, like a ksc75.
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Probably varies. You can get motorcycle helmets with built-in headphones. And mic, too, if you want to hook up a CB radio or cell phone or something.
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Yeah, you could probably make them fit. It would sound horrible though. Its not just the drivers alone that contribute to the sound. Unless you cut a dt770 sized hole in the side of the helmet and glued the earcup in place, you're not going to get the dt770 sound.

Best slip-in driver I've heard on helmets were by Autocom. Still, they paled in comparison to IEMs. Not tinny, decent mids and highs but no lows. To get good sound in helmets, the best way to go is IEM. There's a few threads around.
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I agree with the KSC-75 idea. I wouldn't hack apart some $150 headphones and possibly have them sounding horrible. Plus, the KSC-75s are very easy to mod and retrofit into different enclosures. I've put them into old 80s KOSS headphones and an Aiwa headphone.
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Even if it is legal (which would depend on the laws of the state you're in), would it be safe?

I drive a car, but I never turn up the stereo loud enough to drown out noise from the car itself and traffic. Auditory clues are important when you're driving. I would think even more so on a motorcycle. Your margin of error is a lot less on two wheels.
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when riding a motorcycle, you really cant hear a lot. especially at speed, all you can hear is engine and wind noises.
you really wont do better than iems. its really hard to line up the drivers to the ears once the helmet it on, even harder to get it to sound good, almost impossible to get them to drown out all the noises you are competing with.
Trust me, i have tried.

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