DT770 80pro without the painfull highs?
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Aug 21, 2015
I've been using the DT770 80ohm pro with a Schiit Stack, while the lows are extremely satisfying, the recessed mid aren't the greatest but still not to bad, the thing that I just cannot get used to are the highs, feels like someone is stabbing needles in my ear.
I've been playing around with my EQ and have found a pleasing sound to me, basically like a modified A shape with the low end staying at 0, the mid way up, and the treble about 25% below zero.
I thought what I preferred was a V-shaped sound however it seems I much prefer a moderate boost to low end, slight boost to mids and flat treble. Just like a downward slant.
If I show you this sound sig: https://www.google.ca/search?q=rha+m750+frequency+response&biw=960&bih=487&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0CAYQ_AUoAWoVChMI8saYu_PnxwIVCXU-Ch0i6QWP#imgrc=r0GwJQZjW1xDWM%3A

That's the signature of my RHA ma750s that I use on my laptop paired with a Schiit Fulla, and honestly they are the most pleasing, to my ears, that I have ever heard right out of the box, would perhaps like a hair more low end. Is there anything around the 200-250CDN mark that is remotely close to that as full sized headphones?
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Would suggest Beyer's own COP as its treble is definitely less hot.
Focal Spirit One S
ATH-M50x (it's treble spike is higher in its frequencies around 10khz, so its less spitty/lacerating imho)
but COP should be the first model to audition :) (the adjustable bass feature is rather useful as well)

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Hmm, that is indeed, a very nice frequency response.
I still have 15 days to make up my mind, the supreme comfort of the DT770s with the velour pads are what's holding me back. Every pair of cans I have owned up to now, all of them without exception, become uncomfortable when wearing glasses after a couple hours. I get sore where the cans press against my glasses right around the temple area. Last night I gamed while listening to music for 6 hours straight, and not once did I feel pain where I usually do, unsure if its because the can are circular or if its the velour pads that seem to have a lot of give than the usual leather pads, but whatever it is, its great.
I noticed however some crackle on various songs in my repertoire, I got my cans and Schiit stack at the same time, so I'm unsure what's causing it, or if its just the recording.
Can anyone with the Lossless version of Tiesto - Secrets tell me if they are experiencing crackle especially apparent in the first 20 seconds of the song, before I start troubleshooting, might just be the song, though a lot of my songs seems to get the same crackle.
Can be found here: http://www.songspw.com/download/28759/01-tiesto-kshmr-feat-vassy-secrets-original-mix-mp3.html
Thank you.
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The hard to find Beyerdynamic COP Studio are voiced closer to the COP but comes with velour pads.

Also look into Aiaiai TMA-2, the studio version also offer micro suede as an option and their 01 and 03 capsules are voiced with a down tilt as well.

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