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DT1350 alternatives or will they eventually feel better?

  1. GreenMachine
    I recently got an amazing deal on a pair of DT1350's which I have coveted for a while as a closed back portable pair to complement my HE400i's that I've had for a couple of years now. I got the 1350's for use in public locations, studying at the library, walking to class, airplanes, etc. I absolutely love the sound they put out and really couldn't be happier except for the pain they cause when I'm wearing my glasses (Which I need for basically everything). And I also am not a fan of the fixed cable and the microphonics of the cable, but that's not a deal breaker.

    I got them in a few days ago and without my glasses on, the 1350's feel fantastic and don't bother me one bit and I can wear them for hours on end, but within minutes of putting on my glasses, I get a good deal of pain from my ears being pushed firmly against my frames. No amount of adjusting the cup locations stops the issue.

    So I have a couple of questions:
    Is it possible that with more use, these might stop punishing my ears when I wear glasses with them? I have close to a month left to decide if I should return them or not.

    Or what other portable, closed back options are out there that can compete with these without getting crazy out of my price range ($150, got the 1350's new for around $100)? I'm fine with used options as well. Looking for fairly portable headphones, no need for an amp, with decent enough isolation and a bit of a bass punch, on-ear or over-ear (can't do IEM's as I never could get those to work for me and gave up on trying). The 1350's really surprised me with their bass and I love it and I almost could want some more. I was looking at the V-Moda XS as another possibility.

    I listen to just about all types of music and I'm not picky about the details coming out in the music. Just looking for something truly enjoyable to listen too if I can't get these 1350's to cooperate with me.

    Any advice is welcomed!
  2. serman005
    Have you tried stretching them a bit on a small box or a folded-over pillow overnight once or twice? Sometimes that can help with clamp force and can make them more comfortable. I also wear glasses and have similar problems with certain headphones. Stretching them helps. Also, what is your definition of a portable headphone? It would help to know. Is it something strictly on-ear, or would over-ear also work? Do they have to be small? Can they be open-backed?
  3. GreenMachine
    I have not tried the stretching yet but I can give that a shot over the next couple nights just to see what happens. Fingers crossed it can help some.

    For portable basically what I'm looking for is a closed back cans, decent isolation to keep music from leaking too badly and bothering people around me, cups that can lay flat in case I need to wear them around my neck, and not require an amp. On-ear or over-ear is fine, but I tend to lean towards on-ear just because the size is more appealing for hauling around.
  4. Policar
    I might as well be president of the DT1350 fan club (maybe because they fit my ears well so I get a good seal) but I still find them just a bit painful with a good seal and even without glasses.

    I also find IEMs a bit painful with a good seal. But the seal improves the sound so much with both and the pain is just pressure.

    The next best thing I tried was the Creative Aurvana Live! at just under $29 from Amazon Warehouse deals.

    It sounded good.

    It wasn't as good. If you don't care for detail maybe you'll like it okay, but I know it's well-regarded for the price and yet it didn't match the Beyer. The isolation is dreadful. The sound is pretty good but not as good imo. For $29 I like it!

    But the DT1350, imo, is a giant killer. I guess I'd try spending more and getting another Beyer? The DT1770 and t5p are well-regarded. I find the Monoprice (actually kind of good, but uncomfortable), Sony, and Sennheiser monitors to be boring monitors, and that's much of the sub-$100 closed back market.

    A friend of mine loves the Beats 3. They actually measure well. Maybe worth a try?
  5. KT66
    I have a big head and specs and never had a problem, bend the metal bar.
    still my favourite on ear portable regardless of price
  6. serman005
    The SoundMAGIC HP151 ticks off most, if not all, of your boxes. It folds and comes with a case now. Outstanding sound quality, good comfort. Maybe read about it and see what you think. It could work for you. Another that might work is the M40x.
  7. GreenMachine
    Sorry for the extremely late reply, everybody. Had to rush out of town today but took the cans with me on the flight. Had them on most of the short trip, but couldn't hear anything due to the plane being a prop plane, and the vibrations were so awful that I bet noise cancelling phones would have trouble. The pain was hard to ignore and adjusting did not do much for it. Without my glasses, the comfort was fine as always. Anyways, thank you all for the different ideas. I've been poking around at them and I'm really feeling that I'm up between a few options.

    1. Keep these as the sound is perfect and just find a way to work with them (stretching, sweet spot locating, letting them break in and loosen up a bit on my head)

    2. Spend a little extra and get something that sounds phenomenal like these, but with a bit better comfort. Any experience with the T51's? I've read they are far more comfortable and might be worth a look.

    Also, never heard of soundmagic, but a quick look around shows positive opinions! Will definitely take a better look at those once this trip is over! Also listened to the m40's and they just seemed to be lacking something to my ears. Im down to give them another go though!

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