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DT 990 Pro vs DT 880 Pro

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by mshenay, Apr 11, 2012.
  1. Mshenay Contributor
    So I got this nifty FR chart and I'm wondering... which is better or rather which is has more accurate sound quality?
    Ultimatley I'd like one of these two, and I hoping for a neuatrual can with that would be good for most genres like Classical Jazz, Rock, Folk, Accoustic Rock and a little Funk
    What's throwing me off as well is the DT990 Pro is Cheaper than the DT880 Pro [Amazon Prices]
  2. barid
    The DT880 is regarded as the more neutral of the two.
  3. MalVeauX


    Both are pretty accurate. The DT880 is more neutral, less emphasis on areas of the spectrum. The DT990 however has more emphasis on bass in general and a slightly bigger peak in the treble. So if you want a neutral headphone, the DT880 would be the one. If you wanted a more fun headphone with more bass and stuff, the DT990 would be it. Note, you could get the DT990 and just equalized down the emphasis in bass/treble and have a neutral sound too.
    Very best,
  4. jupitreas
    The price difference is caused by the materials used for the cups. The DT990 PRO uses a cheap plastic for its enclosures, whereas the DT880 PRO uses plastic and metal. The drivers within are exactly the same in quality though, and in fact they are exactly the same as the drivers in the Premium Editions of these cans as well (ie. the normal DT880 and DT990).
    The DT880 is more neutral, while the DT990 is more fun. Both are superb headphones.
  5. MattTCG
    I prefer the 990 as it is more fun to listen to and not as neutral as others have stated. I like a little color to my hp's.
  6. Mshenay Contributor
    Sounds good, I'll probably go with the DT 880. Seeing as I'd rather decide to amp it to be more Fun as opposed to getting the DT 990 and having to Amp it down to be more Neutral. Plus I'm not a fan of "cheap plastic" seeing as I have a tendency to BREAK cheap Plastic >.>
    Plus I want to have a good Neutral headphone, so I can get a better understanding of what "fun" or "aggressive" sounds like. So I want a control to compare other cans to :3
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  7. sssboa
    Hey folks! DT990 Pro is not made of plastic that looks or feels cheap. Actually the plastic feels moldy and thick and seems stronger than rather crisp plastic parts of Premium versions. Generally DT990 Pro feel stronger than premium cause they are more sleek on ears, but soundstage may be less than Premium cans' due to shallower cups. DT880 Pro have deep cans like Premium so it may positively affect sound quality. DT990 Pro sound feels a bit muffled to me comparing to my other Beyer headphones and I must say they sound slightly inferior to me. The other cans I have are:
    DT990 600
    DT880 600
    DT770 Pro 80
    DT150 250
  8. tdogzthmn
    If you want neutrality, look for a K240 DF on ebay.  I never really liked the sound of the DT880 which I owned twice over the course of a few years.  I too prefer an uncolored headphone and the K240 DF will be a cheaper and yeild better results if you have an amp with enough power to get it going...
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  9. ayaflo
    the dt 990 pros are just amazing!! very fun, colored and full sounding,
    however i've not heard the dt 880 though i might have a chance at auditioning the 600 ohm version pretty soon... from reading a bit about them, they are very often compared to the akg k701 ... and this might be a good place to look at
    however if you want absolute neutrality... 
    please check out the nikon d3200 ......[​IMG]
    >>>> etymotic er 4s(iems) 
  10. sssboa
    I bought DT880 Pro and find them better than DT990 Pro that I just sold. Main difference is soundstage, wider on DT880 PRO, also crispier bass, not muffling the overall sound. I think most of the difference is from the shape of earcups. DT880 are still bass heavy headphones.
    I had AKG K701 and they are cold sounding  with no reverberation of sound, good for orchestras, not good for jazz at all as some say unless big bands, orchestras like Quincy Jones etc. On K701 it's like listening to music in open field so no club atmosphere.
  11. funaudio
    I have DT880 and I like it, since most people review it has more neutral to DT990...
  12. Miguel Escobar
    Tha sound stage and precision is better on the dt990? I will use them for comp. gaming and I prefer the sound signature of the 880's. The soundstage if possible should be comparable to the ad700x's, and the comfort is a strong point in the beyers, if I could be informed of a match for my requirements iw ould be gratly appreciated, my first post on headfi :3.

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