DSD steaming on a PC
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Feb 26, 2015
I am about to endeavour into the world of SuperAudioCD (DSD) playback, on a PC using a DAC which is likely to be a FiiO X3 v.2 which will double as a high resolution player. In the passing, I wondered what I need equipment-wise other than software.
My soundcard is currently an EMU 1212M and the optical drive is Bluray Writer, however when going through the DAC which I imagine will be the case my other soundcard won't matter or will it?
I don't have many SACD discs at the moment although I do plan to purchase some when I get a good reliable setup going.
Any budding advice for a newbie SACD user....pwetty pwease....
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The only way to play a SACD on a computer is using a hacked original PS3 that hasn't had it's firmware updated in a long time to rip the discs. This is due to the copy protection used on the discs. Regular DVD/Bluray drives cannot play/rip SACDs. If you are insisting on computer DSD playback I would go with downloads. If you want to play SACDs I would recommend looking into an Oppo player.
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Thanks for the reply. I'm just listening to a Remastered version of War of The Worlds which just happens to be SACD compatible. This really good to my ears, so maybe it;s not so important after all.
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For a kick off I'm going audition a couple of DSD recordings in DSF format downloads to listen to some 1-bit playback. Not entirely sure how you extract or decode any DSD content on the fly when using a Hybrid SACD format. Perhaps the only answer is to get a proper SACD player. 
Interestingly enough, Cakewalk Sonar Platinum now supports SACD export although the details on how all this works is a bit of an enigma. MP3 seems to dominate as popular format however I can't see why higher quality Lossless recordings should be ignored.

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