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DSD downloads of "classic rock" worth the price?

Discussion in 'Music' started by cpetrillo, Sep 11, 2018.
  1. cpetrillo
    So I'm an old guy and while I like a wide range of music I can't deny I like the stuff I grew up with the best. I was looking for some classic rock DSD albums to download and try on my WM1A and there isn't a huge selection. In fact I already have most of what I could find in FLAC ripped from my CD's. This coupled with the kind of high price of DSD downloads has me hesitating. Is it worth the price to download some of my favorites that I already have, in high res audio? Will I really be able to tell the difference? I have to say that the flac files I have now sound really good to me on my WM1A / TA / Z1R system.
  2. slair76116
    The only difference I heard from flac to dsd is the background, it seem to be black, the music comes from nothing and when it stops it goes back to that nothingness.

    Unfortunately I don't have the same file in dsd and flac to compare, so it could be the recording. I could only tell when listening in a quiet environment,

    I personally prefer DSD, this is how I perceive to hear things...If I was in your shoes, I'd try to sell the files I have and put in the balance for the upgrades where able.
  3. Jaywalk3r
    No, they're not worth the cost. Audibly transparent is audibly transparent. You'll do no better than the FLAC files you already have (which are themselves overkill).
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