Driver Doesn't Produce Sound & Have a Lower Impedance (Ohm) Than Usual

  1. Envinite
    Hello guys.

    I was working with a DIY earbud using drivers from my old KZ ZS3. It was fine at first, but not sure why, one of the driver suddenly doesn't produce any sound. I have checked the connection on each end, and tested the cable with different drivers and it's working properly. But when I tested the driver itself using multimeter, I get a lower ohm reading, about 0.5-1 Ohm, whereas the properly functioning ZS3 driver and other drivers that I have would make around 18-22 Ohm.

    I know that if a driver's vocal coil is broken, it won't produce any sound but there's no impedance at all unlike this one. What is the diagnosis for this case? And is it fixable?
  2. HiGHFLYiN9
    I'd assume the driver is shorted, perhaps from too much heat when soldering. I know drivers can sometimes be rescued by working with that super delicate wire leading up to the diaphragm, but I've never had any luck.

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