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Discussion in 'Buyer/Seller Feedback ARCHIVE' started by richsto, Sep 24, 2009.
  1. richsto
    Drew purchased my Bling Bling LOD. Quick payment, good communication, and thoughtful. Excellent buyer! Thanks Drew.

  2. bik2101
    sold Drew a DIY interconnect. quick payment, smooth transaction. excellent buyer!
  3. LingLing1337
    Sold Drew a pair of distancers. Communication and payment were both very quick. Would definitely recommend buying from or selling to Drew.
  4. flame
    Sold Drew the monster RCA cable.

    A Very nice person to deal with and prompt payment!
  5. Baird GoW
    He bought my Earth HDAM. quick payment. would not hesitate to sell to again.
  6. LingLing1337
    Dealt with drew again, he bought a coax cable from me. Communication was good and payment was prompt. Smooth transaction overall.
  7. 3x331m
    Drew is an honest guy. He communicates very well throughout the transaction, and as a plus, he did follow up with the delivery status.

    I won't hesitate to deal with Drew again.
  8. malldian
    Purchased random vinyl from me, no issues, friendly guy!
  9. Curly21029
    Sold him some headphones.  Fast payment and great communication!  Thanks again!
  10. tim3320070
    Paid immediately, nice guy, no problems at all. Enjoy.
  11. wind016
    Excellent! He paid fast and was very patient! I would be happy to do business with him again.

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