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Dragonfly COBALT vs.............Discussions

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by Condocondor, Jul 8, 2019.
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  1. Deftone
    Shall we just get this thread renamed to the audioquest cobalt wiggle durability thread.
  2. Tenashus1
    I think the wiggle talk needs to decrease, and talk about the sonic character of the DFC needs to increase.
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  3. musicisthekey
  4. happyforestgump
    Who’s using this mainly as a dac? What are your impressions?
  5. Wheel Hoss
    The only kind of wiggle I’m interested in discussing ad nauseum isn’t an appropriate subject matter for this family-friendly forum.
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  6. TwilightCoda
    I'm not sure AQ has anywhere to go from the Red/Black. It's a new name and a couple casual updates, but I'll be interested to see the measurements roll in.
  7. Haden2866
    Plenty of positive impressions and comparisons to Red and Black on this thread.
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  8. Steve Wilcox
    I've very recently taken delivery of DFC. It's too early to give any sound impressions though I can say it drives my HE560s and Alpha Dogs without any problem. Not tried with my LCD 2Vs or Ether 2s yet but I don't really envisage using it with them.

    I've had a few instances where the sound has distorted horribly for periods of about 20 seconds. This hasn't been headphone dependent or triggered by movement or any thing else I can ascertain?

    Perhaps the main problem though is that I can't get the volume to the desired level when using IEMs with my LG V30. The volume steps become too big with DFC. I wonder if anyone has any convenient fix for this?
  9. Deftone
    USB audio player pro let's you choose up to 100 steps on the volume.
  10. Steve Wilcox
    Thanks. I may have to spend some time getting to grips with UAPP. I've tended to avoid it as I always seem to have annoying problems. I'd initially used UAPP with the DFC but the same track kept repeating and I just switched to the Qobuz app rather than spend the time finding the UAPP setting that was causing the problem.
  11. Deftone
    You might have accidentally tapped repeat single track or album toggle.

  12. Deftone
    UAPP has just had another update for further support with DFC, I haven't used any other apps where the developers are this committed to the quality of the player.

    UAPP in the settings set to bitpefect mode and use hardware volume control up to 50 or 100 steps, that way even at minimum volume your getting maximum dynamic range and no bits are lost.
  13. Deftone
    The Cobalt is impressing me the more I use it, large 3d soundstage and air all the way up through bass to treble. No sibilance or digital harshness at all, very detailed. Hard to believe when this DAC is so small.
  14. Tenashus1
    Better sound than my iFi Nano BL and xDSD. Hard to believe, but true for me. Sad in a way. These were my trusty devices, but now I go straight for the DFC.
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2019
  15. Deftone
    It doesn't have enough power as i would like to get the bass weight out of my HD660S like a desktop amp and I shouldn't expect it to for its size but it's still very enjoyable, perfect for IE800S and other easier to drive earphones/headphones.

    One thing that's standing out the most to me and I think my favourite thing about it is I can't get earphone I own to sound congested and muddy, which happened often before with dacs under 1,000. Cobalt has a very nice ability to unravel complex and dense pieces of music and then throw it out in a wide open space.
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