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Dragonfly COBALT vs.............Discussions

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by Condocondor, Jul 8, 2019.
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  1. jnorris
    If the wiggle is actually movement of the entire internal circuit board, including the USB and headphone out, then it's probably OK. If any of these components wiggle separately, then there will be wear and eventual failure due to it. If the DFC was used in a stationary situation, such as behind a computer, the effects would be minimized, but the DFC was designed as a portable, on-the-go device and under those stresses the wiggle is a problem.
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  2. Bitsir
    Pretty bummed to report that my Cobalt spazzes out and turns into a distorted demon every 20 minutes or so when plugged to my phone.

    Thankfully I just have to unplug and plug it back in to make it stop but it's annoying. I'm not using any other apps or EQ.

    Hopefully there's a firmware fix coming for it.

    Anyone else got this problem? My phone is the OnePlus 5.
  3. Hifiearspeakers
  4. Tenashus1
    The DFC and the HD6XX make remarkably good music together. I'm really quite surprised with how well the DFC shines compared to my xDSD and Nano BL. Almost disappointed at how well it sounds in comparison to these two. Sounds funny, but true. It's so smooth, quiet, and relaxed sounding. Can't say enough about it. I was ready to give up on the HD6XX, but not now.
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2019
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  5. happyforestgump
    That’s interesting. I found the 6xx to be a little underpowered by my xdsd. Nice detail, relaxed, very smooth, but lacking dynamics and high and low extension. I bought Arcam’s Rhead headphone amp and used the xdsd as a line out and wow that sounded good. More extension, dynamics, texture and energy. I was really happy for about two weeks until the battery on my dac crapped out and I had to send it in(apparently a brand new replacement is on the way). In the meantime I bought a used hd700 which I can’t properly drive and I’ve been trying really hard not to just go to my store and pick the cobalt up because I can’t stand being off my tunes. I might have to sell the xdsd once it arrives. The cobalt seems like a lot better solution since I won’t have battery issues and I have a powerful class A amp for my hard to drive headphones.
  6. Deftone
    Got a cobalt coming very soon, I will give some feedback on how well it drives my headphones, other sound impressions will have to come later though.
  7. joesuburb
    My Cobalt came yesterday. I notice an improvement over my Red, worth the money. The wiggle complaining is retarded. Its just the board in the case not being tight. Probably a different manufacturing method to secure the case since its round, not flat. A total non-issue.
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  8. Father Schu
    Something doesn't sound right if some people have units with no wiggle (e.g., quote "rock solid") and others have it to possibly varying degrees. I'd like to get a better explanation on the design and operation prior to taking the plunge.
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  9. joesuburb
    Mine has a, "wiggle" and in no way does it feel like a manufacturing defect. Just the board in the case not being sandwiched in super tight. Non-issue if you ask me.
  10. megabigeye
    This sounds like a manufacturing tolerances issue— 1) no wiggle (within spec), 2) some wiggle (within spec), 3) wiggle plus rattling sound (out of spec).
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  11. thecrow

    I think you can do better In sharing your opinion
    Last edited: Jul 31, 2019
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  12. Tenashus1
    When I called Audioquest Support, they told me the wiggle was NOT a defect but a result of the new design. If there was rattling inside along with the wiggle, that was a potential issue.
    Last edited: Jul 31, 2019
  13. Cynistrategus
    Can we define rattling? I had bought a Black and exchanged for a Cobalt and if I shake the Cobalt, I hear a noise, but I think it’s the metal USB port contacting the plastic. Are there people with the wiggle who can shake their Cobalt and hear nothing?

    Also, I find it interesting that the Black had to be played at very low volume with my desktop and in ear headphones, whereas the Cobalt uses much more of the volume range of the source even though it’s supposedly more efficient.
  14. joesuburb
    I didn't mean to come across harsh. Sorry. But seriously, its like a million other USB devices I've used over the years. I can't believe anyone would notice, let alone pretend the, "wiggle" is an issue. Its just a board in a plastic case.
  15. thecrow
    your opinion on the rattle is a totally valid one

    My issue was with the wording /description of others’ opinions

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