Dragonfire Acoustics Mini Dragon 2.1 System Loaner Program!

  1. Todd Contributor
    Dragonfire Acoustics Mini Dragon 2.1 System loaner program


    Hello all,

    It is my pleasure today to announce this awesome opportunity to audition the Dragonfire Mini Dragon 2.1 system in your own home or office! This loaner program is for those who are interested in purchasing the system.

    On this loaner program we will require a $2500 deposit. This is to insure the seriousness of the perspective buyer. This is a $10000 system and you can see it at our website here

    You will receive the complete Mini Dragon 2.1 System and also assistance in getting it set up to perfection on your desktop for one week.

    As an added bonus, we will sell the first 2 units if purchased from us before the end 2018 for $7500 to two of our loaner participants!

    Our same standard loaner program rules along with the required deposit…

    Loaner Program Rules:

    Send your name and address, telephone number and your Head-Fi user name to me (Todd) at todd@ttvjaudio.com. Do NOT PM me as you will not be included in the program without an email.

    You will get the loaner for 1 week to use in your home with your system. After your one week is up, you must send it to the next loaner participant. Email me (todd@ttvjaudio.com) the tracking info so I can pass it on to the recipient.

    You MUST write a review and post it in this loaner thread. It must be posted in the same thread as this announcement for the loaner program. Please post the review here first and feel free to post it somewhere else if you like!

    Once you have received the loaner, email me to let me know you have it and I will send the address for the next person.

    Our loaner programs are USA only. We are restricted from shipping/selling outside the USA on most products.

    I look forward to getting this out for you to hear! It is a fantastic system indeed! We showed it at RMAF and I currently have it set up on my desk and will miss it when it is gone.

    If you spend a lot of time at your desk and have an Audiophile ear, the value of an excellent system like this becomes evident in a hurry!


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    Wow it looks like a mini estat. speaker system.
    I think limitation may be and just is stage size due to this is mini system
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  3. Captp
    According to their website, it's a planar with a separate subwoofer.
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  4. FastAndClean
    that is planar, the sub is cheap compared to the speakers and amp thought
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  5. TLAV111
    I wonder how this will compare to the Magnepan Mini Maggie system
  6. TT77

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