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Dr Dre beats studio's, Thank you for bringing me to head-fi

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  1. koreanzombie
    I understand there is alot of hate for dr dre headphones but to be honest I only found out about head-fi searching for dr dre alternatives. I also bet alot of other users came here because the dr dre's were their first pair of headphones. The dr dre headphones are one of the first mass market products that have been a success, thus making the headphones 'cool' again due to thier advertising stratergy. And at the end of the day dr dre headphones has been good to the headphone community, as it has brought exposure to new markets and made headphones more profitable and made companies step up thier game.
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  2. SoundFreaq
    That is precisely how we feel. But are sad for the unfortunate souls that spend hundreds on headphones without a miniscule amount of research. 
    Hooray for you my friend [​IMG]
    Welcome to Head-fi, sorry about your wallet [​IMG]
  3. CapitaFK
    I still remember the first thing I ever typed into Google when I decided I needed new headphones: "Are Dre Beats worth it?"
    Considering I'm a huge nerd who tends to look for forums regarding the subject, rather than going by the words of big magazine/pop culture website reviewers who tend to get paid to say good things about the products they're reviewing, I ended up here.
  4. 3nenbgumi
    So what? The only difference is departing from spending a pretty penny to cutting off an arm and a leg for something that potentially looks a hundred times worse than the Beats do.
    PS: Sound quality, build quality etc...not taken into account FYI [​IMG]
  5. rt310
    It's very true that many people have been lead to Head-fi and into this hobby, but i still don't understand all the hate.
    Yes, they're overpriced, but there are so many people here willing to fork out hundreds for a cables or even thousands for the tiniest improvements in sound. Suddenly the beats seem relatively cheap, no?
  6. Danmao
    Skullcandy had the same effect on me, to be honest.

    Although I never bought headphones over $100, not even my ATH-M50's
  7. TheJazzyH
    I'm the same here. When I got interested in better headphones, I looked at the Beats Solos first, but decided to do some research before I would throw away $200.  I ended up picking the Bose IE2 instead (which I regret now) before discovering head-fi. Although the IE2s aren't terrible, they didn't quite suit my needs and sound preferences (I hate the nonexistent noise isolation!).
    With head-fi, though, I have a much better idea of what to look for in audio gear, and I'm fairly satisfied with my new ATH-M50s now.  
  8. spacedog
    Not really, they're still overpriced for what they offer (in terms of sound), and that has little to nothing to do with what other products cost. Whether those other expensive products are worth it or not isn't too relevant to whether Beats are a poor value or not. Of course with matters like value, it depends on the person that is attributing the value to whichever features are important to them. If looks are very important, you might argue that Beats might be at least close to 'worth it', although that's part of the reason many people into audio don't like Beats. Beats almost focuses solely on an image with a considerably lackluster audio experience, and when you're talking headphones, that's not a good combination. It's the way Beats portrays their products and tells blatant lies about their features (there was a thread in the full-size headphone forum I think about this) to the customers and some of those customers have the audacity to criticize people who get headphones that are actually meant for good sound since they're not Beats lol (This hasn't happened to me but it's happened to plenty of people on this forum apparently)
  9. Deadlovestory
    I have to admit Beats as a company is a marketing genius. They just always seem to push the right button for the oblivious masses, but I'm rather bitter about the fact that they're overshadowing other products that actually sounds good, and in the process creating the general perception of anything that is not Beats = sucks. In a sense Beats is reducing headphone to a mere fashion item for the image-conscious general masses, rather than a tool for music enjoyment. I have to admit I ALMOST fell to Beats' honey trap; I'm just glad I brought along my dad's ER-4P to do side-by-side comparison.
    If anything, I guess they do help the masses realize that there's other options out there other than iBuds and that it's ok to spend a lot of money on audio equipments :p
    I remember when I was younger my friend went all "ARE YOU CRAZY?" because I'm using my dad's Etymotic ER-4P which was like, 300$ at the time, but now people seems to be fine with it. I guess it has something to do with inflation, growth of middle class and increase in spending habits. All that jazz.
    TL;DR : For people who knew better, Beats is source of hatred, but for those who didn't, they do deserve the praise.
  10. Alexthegreat
    At the end of the day, there are better headphones for the price, and cheaper headphones that sound just as good. Beats are not a good value proposition.
  11. Xinze
    Agree with OP x10. 

    My first expensive pair was the iBeats, moved up the monster line to the Turbine Copper and then into full-sized.
    Exactly two years later, I'm at the Westone 4 and He-400, debating on whether to purchase a Miracle or not.
    Beats by Dre really deserve some more respect here, I'd dare say over half of Head-Fi's "younger" audience like me came here because of Beats.
  12. Fernito
    In my case, you know why I hate Beats? No, it's not because of their poor price/SQ ratio; it's because of this:
    PURE LIES, all of them taken from the official Beats website.
  13. H20Fidelity Contributor
    I dislike beats because they set a standard what's considered good sound quality in today's society, that's my main concern. When a good majority of us here know there's better to found cheaper. Beats could of been something special, shown the entire world what a good headphone is, only if they'd focused on sound quality as much as design not masked up with a heap of marketing lies and deception. Unfortunately, the product doesn't add up to it's price in all aspects. But most of all, they set a crappy standard on a lot of peoples take of good sound in the world today.
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  14. skamp
    H20Fidelity: that's exactly how I feel about "audiophile" DAPs :wink:
  15. Danmao

    That's enough rage for me today.
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