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"Downgrading" from an iFi micro iDSD to a X7 or GSX1000?

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by Fleshless, Aug 31, 2018.
  1. Fleshless
    Hi everyone,

    about 4 years ago i bought an iFi micro iDSD and a Philips Fidelio X2 and i´m still very happy with this combo.
    But since then things changed and i rarely listen to music on my PC anymore.
    What i mostly do is play games and watch Youtube Videos/Twitch Streams.

    So i asked myself if it wouldn´t be better to get a Creative X7 or a Sennheiser GSX1000 for gaming and just sell the micro iDSD.

    My first idea was to just get a Wireless gaming headset but then i remembered back how all headsets i ever had (including stuff like Sennheiser PC350/360) sounded pretty poor in comparison to the Fidelio X2.

    So, what do you guys think, would it be a good idea to "downgrade" or would i sacrifice to much?

    EDIT: maybe someone has another recommendation? doesn´t have to be the X7 or GSX1000.

    Greetings Fleshless
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2018
  2. Zenvota
    If you just want SBX or Sennheiser Binaural Rendering Engine, there are quite a few surround virtualizers, 2 built into windows now(atmos for headphones and windows sonic), waves nx, fongaudio.com, etc. Or google hesuvi if you can get it setup properly it'll allow you to demo all of them, sbx cmss3d and sbre included.

    The x7 is about the same price as the ifi and can power passive speakers, the sennheiser is a bit cheaper. I cant imagine either of them sounding better or as good as the ifi though. How do you listen to music? If its your phone the ifi shoud be able to be used with ur phone too.

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