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Down to 5 CIEM driving me crazy

  1. cw68
    First let me say Ive talked to a few people here for sound signatures on some but not all of these.
    Im sure I could add more and more money to get  better and better, Im really trying to keep the cost of them at $500 or below (shipping , colors etc extra of course)
    Ive got my ear molds done just trying to figure out the one to go for.
    Im looking for a sound signature with a tight punch bass almost like 8" subs not a sloppy muddy bass
    mids to keep the vocals present
    and highs that sparkle but don't make long sessions fatiguing
    I listen to mostly rock and blues from modern rock to classic rock (candlebox, Black label, Kenny wayne Shepard ,aerosmith ,megadeth )
    They will be powered by my LG V10 and Ipad Mini 2
    Ive narrowed it down not in any order
    Alclair Reference Custom
    1964 V3
    Eartech Triple
    Perfect Seal PS4
    Perfect Seal Fusion 11
    if anyone owns these or reviewed and would like to tell me good or bad or just Vote
    and If I left off one that youd like to mention that is made here in US I dont mind taking that as a option
    And a side note
    the RSM Quad ,QI and A3 or all thoughts too but out of price range

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