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Double Helix Cables Thread

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  1. AmberOzL
    I can see he is amazing and the customers are all happy, that's why I decided to go with him. That Spore M System is beyond me mate [​IMG]
  2. VisceriousZERO
    Haha! I agree... beautiful system though
  3. gmahler2u
    i should order the cable for my JH Roxanne.
    that's my next project.
  4. Mimouille
    I wonder how this new cable compares to the new Whiplash gold plated silver...the thing is Peter has great service and Whiplash supposedly has crappy service. I was thinking new cables for NT6 and Roxanne.
  5. VisceriousZERO
    Whiplash doesn't supposedly have crappy customer service, it IS crappy customer service. I can order it thru a local audiophile shop so I'll see what I can do with these.
  6. ChrisSC
    I never ended up getting a cable with Peter, but his communications were also prompt and informative- excellent customer service and I'll probably get a cable from him soon.
    I made the mistake of getting a twag cable from whiplash awhile ago and their customer service is ridiculously incompetent- like the level of incompetence that you can only find on the internet.  If he actually sold cables from a physical store location, he would've been out of business years ago.
  7. scootermafia
    Sure, I can take wire transfers.  
    AmberOzL likes this.
  8. Mimouille
    You mean cable transfer mhahahaha. Sorry.
  9. VisceriousZERO

    Haha that was actually kinda good.
  10. voteforpedro
    Super happy with my 2nd cable from Peter. My JH16's now have a 4-foot DHC Simbiote Hybrid with RSA termination and a short RSA to 3.5mm extension.
  11. VisceriousZERO
    Hey someone like me! :D
  12. Mooses9
    nice cable there.
  13. LionPlushie
    What cable is that? Silver or copper?
  14. scootermafia
  15. thotfulspot
    I'm very happy with Molecule SE with Peptide OCC copper able for my AKG K702 Anniversary Editions, and a set of interconnects for my Schiit Bitfrost and Lyr,

    I decided I might as well finish up the combo with a DHC "Metagenome" USB Cable. It will be interesting to hear the difference from the optical connection I'm using now to connect my Mac Mini.
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