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  1. Hito kun
    Just to leave my feedback buying from the user Dorder, from which I bought a 2nd hand Etymotics ER-4P.
    Overall, Im really pleased with the speed of the transaction and the constant and timely communication we had during the selling and shipping process. The travel of the package was particularly slow, but that´s mostly on me because public mail here in Mexico can be pretty slow and unreliable (and that´s a tip for anyone here, for deliveries to LATAM stick to DHL or FedEx if you don´t want to wait almost two months for the delivery).
    During all the time the packet was in transit, he would make sure to be in contact and asking about the status of the delivery, a very pleasant and reassuring gesture.
    At the end the package arrived, the shipping box was pretty beaten up (again, public delivery services do what they want with the packages), but the insides was well protected with fillings and the old Ety´s box was in pretty good shape (the monitor´s case was mint, like the contents).
    All the contents were present and in the promised conditions (like new, actually), so, all and all, I cannot do anything but recommend buying from Dorder, and I would not hesitate to make transactions with him again.

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