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Don't get why "Audiophile" RCA Cable would improve sound quality

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by i3eyond, Jun 7, 2011.
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  1. pinnahertz
    1. Science and reality
    2. You missed most of the audible spectrum which lies below 15kHz
    3. Resistors do not vary their value significantly at all with frequency
    4. Very little L, very little C, like under 20pf/ft, and very low R depending on wire size and length. The only possible interaction is C with a high driving impedance, and length over 20ft.
    5. Skin effect only becomes an audio modifier when the total change in impedance it causes along with the load creates a variation in frequency response in the audio band. This doesn't happen with RCA interconnects because the wire size is too small relative that the total skin area, and the loads are very high impedance.

    6. Depends on the load...see above.

    7. Nope.

    8. On that one I can agree.
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