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Don't get why "Audiophile" RCA Cable would improve sound quality

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by i3eyond, Jun 7, 2011.
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  1. Whitigir
    Human makes tools, and until tools can fool human = society destructions, period. Luckily there are still human who can still utilize and make uses of their human powers
  2. Guidostrunk
    What I don't understand is why people spend so much time arguing about stuff like this.
    There's all these sound science forums created for the sake of arguing in circles. And generally it's the same 4 or 5 people in every thread.
    I know that I didn't set out to join a headphone forum to spend countless hours demanding science and proof. Makes me wonder if these people actually care about the music , or just actually hate life or themselves.

    If someone wants to pay 10k for some cables , so be it. Would i? No. But I'm certainly not going to challenge every person on this site, and tell them their brain is fried and require evidence of their opinion on what they're hearing.

    Seems like such a waste of time and effort imo.
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  3. castleofargh Contributor
    electrical devices rely on proper science. electrical laws have been established and happen to work very well in practice, so we can do without your instinctive philosophy to solve the non existent mystery of audio cables. let's not pretend to reinvent the wheel here please.

    as for humans being superior to measurement tools, as a tool our ears' sensitivity crumbles at such a rate that we came up with a logarithmic scale to represent it. at different loudness we perceive different frequency responses. the range of sound pressure and the range of frequencies we can hear is fixed and degrades as we age.
    on the other hand you make this uninformed argument to talk about RCA cables. there isn't even a need to use a tool as limited as a microphone here, we can directly measure with an electronic device straight at the output of the cable and get measurements magnitudes better than anything a human ear could hope to do.
    and I won't even start on psychology, bias, placebo, or the fact that you apparently can't tell subjective interpretations from actual audio variables.

    listening to music will always be the most important part of enjoying music. but jumping from that to thinking that your ears are better than proper measurements to tell reliably if something factually changed in the signal coming out of a cable, well that's just very wrong.

    is it hobby cafeteria? I already picked "being curious about how stuff work" to go with the chicken so now I can't take "enjoying music" or I have to pay extra.
    when did a hobby become exclusive? please check your rational before you come judging people for being able to care about more than one thing. I also like photography, painting, and reading, man I must really suck at enjoying music. or my life apparently...

    as for wanting to buy a 10 thousand dollar cable, I don't remember anybody who couldn't use his money because of a post on headfi. this has nothing to do with making empty claims. can we blame someone asking for more evidence because he has a hard time being convinced by an empty claim from a noname dude on the internet? is it so incredible? even more so when it concerns the potential purchase of something expensive, IMO it makes perfect sense to desire as much evidence as possible that we're making good use of our money.
    if the guy who made the claim had valid reasons to make it, he will be able to provide his evidence to show that he didn't pull his claim from a hat. that in turn will give more confidence to the readers that the claim is solid. win/win.
    or the guy making the claim doesn't know what he's talking about, will have nothing to show, and the inquisitive guy or any reader might wait to know more before spending money on some BS empty claims.
    now if people could post opinions as opinions for a change, and Google a subject before coming to say something very unlikely, we could indeed greatly reduce the number of times we discuss the same subject.

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  4. Guidostrunk
    And again. It just proves my point. These threads are redundant.

    Don't you just want to listen to music, and buy a product that you like at any price? Without ridicule?

    Yes! I believe that these audio companies, sell a false narrative like CNN, and sell you dreams. I most certainly wouldn't travel the interwebz, telling other people that they're wrong, even if I felt they were.

    Trust me. I don't buy into all the marketing hype. I do believe that there's diminishing returns at a certain price point , and I don't drink the cable kool-aid.

    If people focused more on the music, and what they're trying to accomplish in "audio nirvana". We wouldn't even be having this discussion. ^_^
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  5. castleofargh Contributor
    I expect topic focus and activity to be mostly self regulated. those who know what they like, don't care about others and will do what they want to do. many people buy gears and never come back here unless they break something.
    those who do care about what other people think, or wish to learn about a topic will naturally get more invested in such topics and/or read more of it.
    I don't imagine someone would subscribe to a topic if he doesn't care a little about what people have to say about it. well, I'm my very own exception in this sub section, I don't even have headphone gears with RCA plugs. but I'm quasimodo of the section, so I stick around and pretend like I'm fact checker, justice crusader, Spanish inquisitor.
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  6. VNandor
    Why would do you even have to ask that? I mean the answer is already in your post.
  7. Guidostrunk
    Sometimes I get lost in the shuffle , with posts. Can you elaborate on your reply?
  8. VNandor
    People participating in an audio forum probably don't just want to listen to music, that's why they are here in the first place, aren't they?
  9. Guidostrunk
    Then there's this.
  10. gregorio
    Just imagine what life would be like if we were all audiophiles: No Hubble space telescope, humans can see better than any machine, no electron microscopes, CAT or MRI scans, no Large hadron Collider, etc. We'd save countless billions of tax payers money! What's truly extraordinary is that anyone born in the couple of centuries or so can lack the education and be so fooled by marketing to think they are superior measurement devices to "machines", something even the ancient Romans knew! And, if that's not extraordinary enough, for anyone to publicise such a complete lack of basic science education in a forum dedicated to science is utterly mind boggling!

    Makes me wonder that too! I've come to the conclusion that many audiophiles don't care at all about the music, just their audio equipment. That's a real shame for those of us who do actually care about the music because of all the resources being poured into snake oil to fool the audiophiles instead of spending it on improving the music (it's creation, recording production and reproduction). Anyone who truly does care about the music therefore needs to speak up or they're just lying and/or paying lip-service to really caring about music!!

    Last edited: Jun 14, 2017
  11. Guidostrunk
    I agree with your response to my quote. I'm by no means an "audiophile", and don't believe the hype with the audio industry.

    But don't you get bored , constantly trying to correct someone else's beliefs or opinions? Just seems like a waste of time constantly debating in circles. Yes, I do believe that snake oil runs rampant, but you know that and many others in the science forums. I'm in it for the listening experience. Others may be in it for the gear. To each there own.
  12. pinnahertz
    Sometimes, yes, and it does sometimes seem a waste of time. But audio mythology has so many proponents, and autio truth has so few, it just seems out of balance. You'll find catalogs from well established mail order audio companies in your mail box filled with mythology. Untruth helps nobody but those perpetuating it for reasons of greed. Seems worthwhile just to point out that the Emperor has no clothes every so often.
    If someone is into it for the listening experience we owe it to them to debunk the mythology and improve his experience. This can happen by appropriating funds used for improvement to areas where the improvements are actually audible, but only of those areas are known. Others are into it for the luxury gear, and there's no changing that, but they are relatively few because that strata demands a higher level of net disposable funds. "A fool and his money are soon parted" (a quote which I found out originated in the late 1500s!). But if that fool has money he can afford to part with, then I guess I don't care much.
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  13. riderx1
    You're not the only one. I don't get it either.
  14. TYATYA
    RCA cable can improve the sound? IMO yes!
    If someone thing the cable didnt help or change the sq, what is he/his basis ?
    Sound is combine of tones from 15Hz to something higher than 20Khz.
    Electrical characstics of them vary from frequency to frequency : RLC (resitor, inductor, capacitor).
    RCA cable has those RLC.
    One more thing is AC current runs differently base on frequency. Higher freq will tend to run on surface, while a DC current will run all cross section.
    So a big single core wire is not good compare to a combination of many tiny cores.
    Atleast we have some reason to comfirm bad rca and good rca.
    Money is other story.
  15. Speedskater
    Oh dear. So many out of context statements and errors in the above post.

    Money is other story.
    He got that right.
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