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Don't be shy, contact us directly with problems with your FiiO!

Discussion in 'FiiO' started by joe bloggs, Mar 2, 2015.
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  1. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    Dear FiiO user,

    The forum is great for sharing your experience, tips etc. with your FiiO, but if you have a problem with your FiiO, it's best to call the pros directly :D Especially so since that way they get directly notified of your query instead of having to trawl all of head-fi looking for (and quite possibly not finding) your query :wink:

    >Send them a pm--click me<

    Best regards,
    Joe Bloggs for FiiO
  2. mbk1969
    Common problem with X5 is its wheel. It starts to malfunction after some time of usage. There are several X5 owners here in Russia (members of one local forum) with this problem (including me). I just use lower buttons to scroll through lists (and main menu).
    Edit: Like in this video
    but more severe - reaction to wheel movement is unpredictable (either direction and speed).
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  3. Joe Bloggs Contributor

    Do contact support@fiio.net directly to arrange repair / replacement if this happens. The wheel clicks do not correspond with menu movement on a 1:1 basis but if the menu skips or goes the wrong way that's a malfunction.

    We have performed aging tests on prototype X5's and continue to sample production X5's and a correctly functioning scroll wheel should last longer than your thumb :p
  4. mbk1969
    Thing is I didn`t use the wheel so much. I don`t use library. I use only folder browsing. And folders are organized in not so big tree structure "genre - artist - albums". And not all owners of X5 here have this issue. So I suspect that small percent of either wheel mechanics or wheel sensors can have some defect(s).
    I will not bother FiiO with repair/replacement because this issue doesn`t bother me so much. May be if I live in China near the FiiO`s service center... The main feature of X5 - its sound - is more then satisfying. But you should be aware of such issue.
  5. Elric
    I have this problem too.  I have already sent my X5 to be repaired.  I really am hoping not to have to do it again.
    Not at nearly $100 USD to ship to china
  6. Joe Bloggs Contributor

    If you bought the unit from a local dealer / distributor you may send the unit to them to ship it for you. A bit slower (since they have to collect a batch to send together) but much cheaper. :smile:
    LaughMoreDaily likes this.
  7. Elric
    It was a gift from a friend of mine when they came through Seattle.  There is no local dealer that I could find.
    That is a great idea for other people though. :)
  8. Elric
    Out of curiosity what is the average turnaround for a repair/replace?
    I ask because my X5 has been in China with Customer Service for 10 days now.
    Thank You.
  9. Joe Bloggs Contributor

    You mean it's been 10 days since the package you sent us was signed for?
  10. TxStrength5150

    Pm sent..
  11. Elric
    <mistake>No, 10 days since it was received by FiiO.</mistake>
    Edit to say that: yes, that is what I am saying.  My package was signed for on the 31st of March.
    I should not post when I am up late and tired. :)
  12. skeewiff
    Hi Joe I have this problem with my Fiio X1 the wheel goes the wrong way, I´ve send today an email to my local dealer I bought it, waiting for a response, Can you tell me how is the process to get the wheel repaired? Do I have to wait they send my reproductor to China? Greetings.
  13. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    Hello skeewiff,

    If you bought the X1 from a local dealer, the local dealer or distributor should help you take care of it. Let me know if you have any problems with them.

    Best regards,

    P.S. Sorry for not replying earlier, I was ill for a few days :xf_eek:
  14. skeewiff
    Hi Joe I spoke with them today by phone they told me a courier enterprise is going to pick up my fiio and they´re going to send it to China, I hope that it will be resolved before too long.
    Update: It seems they´re sending today my Fiio X1 to China today,and maybe the next week arrives there, is there any possibility to have any tracking info and monitoring of my player from you Joe?
  15. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    I'll provide updates when you next pm me. :)
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