Dolby digital to stereo analogue converter?
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Feb 10, 2004
I have a Samsung Series 6 55 inch LED TV that has no analogue audio outputs. I use a toslink cable from the TV to a Geffen Dolby digital to stereo analogue converter to plug the TV in my NAD stereo amp. Australian HD free to air digital channels transmit in Dolby digital. I only have free to air TV, no cable TV. Sometimes the audio goes silent for half a second when I'm watching TV. I think the problem is with the Geffen but I have contacted Geffen and they don't agree.
So my question is...are there any other Dolby digital to stereo analogue converters on the market? I haven't been able to find anything else. I don't want to spend too much either. I've had the TV for 8 months now and I'm a bit annoyed that I didn't notice that it lacked analogue audio when I bought it, or I would have bought another model.
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So, if you use a regular DAC, then what do you get?
I am thinking you would get only the Left and Right channel, which would sound weird because most of the vocals go through the center channel, correct?
I recently purchased a TV without line out and I just now realized this issue.
I don't have any speakers yet, but I planned on building some and an amp at sometime.
I suppose the proper solution would be to buy a receiver with preamp outputs, but those are very much expensive AFAIK
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A normal DAC is fine with most (ie. stereo) TV channels but I get no sound out of the Dolby digital channels so it's useless.
My NAD amp is only 10 months old but I may have to replace it and buy an amp with HDMI, although I want a stereo amp and I have not seen a stereo amp with HDMI.
So, if you use a regular DAC, then what do you get?


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