Does Tomahawk work on UE11
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Mar 9, 2008
I borrowed one Toma from my freind today. When I tried it with my ue11 at low gain I felt it gave me less than what I want and too much for the high gain. Little bite worried about the new Toma I bought, which is still one the way from US to AU. Will I sell it the day after I get it?
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I doubt you will,you'll find it works quite well on those types of IEM's.

I believe Ray used the UE10's when tuning the Tomahawk before it was introduced to the peeps on Head-Fi

With gain on low,and you dialing around the volume pot,I'm sure
you'll find a very happy medium.
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Your source could be putting out too low of a signal instead, so you get less volume on low gain than expected.

Also, the Tomahawk (and RSA amps in general) needs 400-600 hours to burn in, so if the one you have is low hours you may get less bass from it than expected.
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Probably but depending on the capacitor size and circuit design it would be much much less. Maybe only 50-100 hours. The Tomahawk and the Hornet both have very large 15,000µf capacitors.

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