Does this improve drastically after burn in?
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Mar 5, 2005
Received an Ibasso D2 yesterday (my first DAC). To my horror it sounds awful. Very thin with rolled-off highs and lows. Just all around un-musical and unenjoyable, after about 10 minutes I couldn't listen anymore. It can't it even touch my NAD 512 CDplayer.

Will it get better with time? Can it ever even be on par with my NAD CDPlayer?

I also hear a noticable white noise with a flicker like a gas flame that's ready to go out. This alone is enough to make me return the unit.

I'm the list for a Pico. I hope it's substantially better.

The Rig in question: Desktop, WinXP, Winamp w/Asio4all
Ibasso D2 DAC
Senn HD600 or (DT880's 250ohm)

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If any component "drastically" changes with "burn-in" then theres something faulty with it.

Think of burn in like a new shirt. You wear and wash it a couple of times before the new clothes itch and smell goes and you're left with....

... the same shirt, except without the minor grumbles.

What doesn't happen is that after a few washes the shirt turns into silk. Or a suit of armour.

I'm sorry that you've been disappointed with your purchase. Go back to your old rig which your ears are happier with and chalk one more notch on the learning and experience tree.
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I agree with the above. If you're truly as unhappy as you describe, I'd send it back or sell it and get something different.

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