Does this have an amp in it (drum sound module)?
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Feb 27, 2008
Quick question, Im more curious than anything.

I have a Roland Electric Drum set, with a V Drum TD6V sound module hooked up to it. All together it was somewhere around $1k, maybe $1.1k, so some pretty expensive stuff. I believe the sound module itself it $600+.

Anyways, Im quasi-in the market (meaning I dont NEED, but I WANT) for some new cans, and sort of in the market for an amp. Im going to be going off to college soon and I dont really want to have an amp there with me (even a portable) just because it might break, and I wouldnt use it a lot.

Let me get to the point. You can (and I have often) hooked up CD players, computer inputs and MP3 players into my TD-6V "input" port. The sound goes from the player, into the 6V, and into my headphones, which are connected to the 6V.

Does anyone know or suspect if there is an amp inside of this thing?

Roland U.S. - TD-6V: Percussion Sound Module
That is the product page, I didnt see anything about an amp, but it does say the output impedance is 1k Ohms (which is a lot right?).

Just wondering. It would be awesome if I could take my sound module up to college and use it as a standalone amp.

Thanks for any input!

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