does the m50x sound better than the gr07?
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May 3, 2013
they're coming out with some blue and tan m50x's. i'm tempted to get a pair, but i was wondering if anyone here has heard the m50 and gr07. i don't care which version. yes, i know this is iem vs full sized. i've read on here that generally full sized phones are better for the same price, but the very few threads that i've found have proven otherwise in regards to these two. usually the posters have only heard one and not the other. only a very small amount of people from these 2011-2012 threads have heard both. i was wondering if there are more opinions 2 years later.
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It depends on what they will be used for and primary needs. But short answer: no, I don't think so. I was disappointed with the M50 when I bought them a couple years ago because every thread and publication (big and small) recommended getting them but the recessed mids, unnatural mid bass, congested soundstage and artificial and at times strident treble was a huge turnoff; not to mention the clamping force and sweat-inducing pads. Quickly sold them. The GE07BE on the other hand is very natural and open sounding with terrific imaging and is one of my favorite IEMS and it just sounds so refined in comparison and I can wear them all day as well without discomfort. Plus they sound good unamped, whereas the M50 needs an amp IMO in order to sound decent. But hey a lot of people love the M50 so what do I know.
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I was planning on using them from my phone and to play ps4 games. And I had the gr07BEs. I ended up going back to the MKII because I can hear a little more detail. I loved them though.
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No. The M50 severely lacks refinement and detail next to the GR07, and the GR07's soundstage may actually be physically larger than the M50's.
Unless the revised X version sounds much, and I mean much, better than the regular M50, then the GR07 is the better buy.
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oh wow. that's kind of disappointing. i thought they would at least be able to match IEMs in the same price range. i guess i'll just stick to my mkii's. thanks for the feedback.
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the GR07 has definitely spoiled me. I hardly ever touch my M50s anymore, and when I do, I quickly switching back to the GR07 because the sound is so much more natural, especially the mids. The M50 also doesn't drive well through my phone or pad, and as I push the volume towards the maximum the sound starts to deteriorate without much actual volume gain.
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For my tastes...I'd take my VSD1s over my M50s.  
The only thing keeping me from getting the GR07s is whether or not I want to spend $200 on a Hybrid IEM.  That and I'm not sure about which model of the GR07s to get.
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Yeah, I took a gamble with the bass edition (newest classic version), and I think to me I would have preferred it over the normal ones. The classic version is only 699 CNY, so a bit over 100 USD, with a sound signature that is supposedly closer to the original vs. the MKII according to the seller. Pretty good deal in my book.

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