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Does Sennheiser make any NON in-ear earbuds?

  1. Jtom94
    I've checked out their website and all their earbuds seem to be in-ear or full size headphones. Does anyone know if they have some not on the website earbuds that are not in-ear?
  2. nipit
    Maybe you mean something like MX980? Check those if its the type of earphones that you are looking.
  3. ItsMeHere
    Yes, they do have some earbuds.
  4. JK1
    The MX980 is expensive(over $150) and very large. Many complain that it is too large for their ears. The MX580 at around $25 is a great value. The MX880 at around $65 has more detail than the MX580, however sometimes it volume control is problematic and needs to be removed, which might be an expensive repair if you can't do it yourself.  The MX580 satisfies me. It isn't as detailed or dynamic as the Sony E888, however the E888 is now $75+ if you can find it(there are also many fakes around). I wonder how the MX880 compares with the E888.If you are considering the MX980, make sure that it will fit you before you buy it, and that you are buying it from a reliable high volume dealer. A number of reviews say the MX980 is nice but very large. A number of them also question whether it is worth the price, considering that the $25 MX580 is quite pleasant. Is the MX980 7x as good as the MX580? I doubt it.
  5. Jtom94
    Thanks, the MX580 is exactly what i was looking for. I placed an order and I'm excited to see how they sound

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