Does polarity matter on balanced cable?

  1. edwardsean
    I recently wired a balanced cable but I think I may have gotten the positive/negative leads mixed up on both sides. The thing is I like the sound better than if I switch the leads back the other way. It sounds more open and correct to me.

    Since the negative and positive signals are mirror images does polarity matter if both sides are terminated with the the same positive/negative assignments? If it does matter and I inverted the polarity am I preferring a compromised sound?

  2. Speedskater
    If it's a balanced output stage >> balanced cable >> balanced input stage, then no problem. Electricity is color blind.
    Now with a balanced output stage to a unbalanced input stage, things can be tricky.

    Also as to polarity inversion (of both channels) there are cases of one polarity sounding different than the other, but as to which ones sounds better? It may vary from case to case.

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