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Does not having paired transport for DAC=FAIL?

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by jarmel, Jul 29, 2009.
  1. Jarmel
    I recently have a Wadia 27 matched with the OPP0 BDP-83 and was wondering if not having the 270 SE for this means that I'm going to get mediocre sound out of it. Would this hold true for most DACs not paired with their corresponding transport? Does this lead to mean that high end stand-alone DACs will be better than DACs meant to be paired up?
  2. Elephas Contributor
    I think it's fine not to have a matching transport.

    Sure, matching units look better together and should have good synergy. But I think the DAC unit is much more important than the transport and that's where the majority of the budget should be allocated. Also, PC-as-transport is incredibly convenient and reduces the need for a disc transport.

    I don't think standalone DAC's are necessarily better or worse than DAC's that are available with matching transports. Each manufacturer has different priorities. Also, there really aren't many transport mechanisms available to choose from. Most audio companies don't manufacture their own transport mechanisms. A DAC manufacturer has to consider whether it can reliably source a mechanism, whether it will be cost effective, and whether its market will support a transport unit. Sometimes its probably a better idea to not offer a matching transport and let customers choose their own.
  3. FallenAngel Contributor
    Definitely depends on the transport and DAC. A very high quality DAC generally doesn't care AS much about the transport because it does it's own signal clocking (reclocking, clock recovery, whatever) so the quality of the signal matters less, but depending on connection (I'm assuming it's plain S/PDIF - and I recommend going with coax with BNC on both ends, anything else WILL, not just "can", be worse).

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