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Does Head Fi know about Radio Paradise?

Discussion in 'Music' started by ra990, Jun 22, 2017.
  1. ra990
    Hey guys, just wanted to throw a shout out to Radio Paradise's 320kb AAC stream (http://www.radioparadise.com/m3u/aac-320.m3u)

    I've been listening to them for years and recently got a set of HD800S I've been listening on - the quality of their stream is amazing. Other online music services sound really crappy on these headphones.

    Check it out, they have a great selection of hand picked music and no ads.
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  2. Nutsid
    I will check them out, but I've been using Tidal for months now which for 10/month features 320kb streams or for 20/month (USD on both) features loss-less and mastered quality streams, with over 40million songs to choose from.
  3. ra990
    Yea, give it a try - it's an online radio station, but the music mix is very eclectic and this particular stream's audio quality is stellar.
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  4. Nutsid
    I looked through the selection of music on their website. It definitely looks like a really wide variety of music that captures a lot of genres. Very cool if you don't want to hear anything in particular. Especially cool if you don't want to search through a bunch of playlists looking for something to fit the mood you are in. Bookmarked and saved, thanks.

    I do have a question, though. It shows that I only have up to 192kb of streaming quality. Do I have to register or something in order to get the higher quality?
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  5. Amrit-R
    Radio Paradise! :L3000:

    Me and my girl love our sunday mornings, breakfast, reading and listening to Radio Paradise. Sunday mornings which subsequently last usually till 13:00 or something.
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  6. NorCal
    Thanks for the 320 kbps link. It's remarkable.
    I haven't looked for an upgrade in a long time, (been using a Radio Paradise 192 kbps link for last couple of years), and the 320 kbps sounds way better to me.

    Another favorite streaming radio station of mine is KEXP, out of Seattle. Also has an eclectic music mix, and sometimes with in-studio performances ... although the SQ isn't as good as the Radio Paradise 320 kbps ... http://live-mp3-128.kexp.org:8000/listen.pls
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  7. Left Channel
    Radio Paradise has been testing a FLAC stream. This is the second test url, just announced today: http://icy-8.radioparadise.com/flac

    Bill says "This is still subject to periodic outages — some brief (for software updates), some longer".

    FLAC is also available in the RP apps for Android and iOS, the RP web player, and plugins/apps for LMS and BlueOS.
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  8. ra990
    Do you have a link to the discussion with Bill about the flac stream?
  9. Left Channel
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  10. Left Channel
    Update: I believe these are the final FLAC urls!

    From the RP forum:

    "We've sorted out the issues on our FLAC stream encoder, and these URLs should work fine now — bandwidth permitting, of course."
    Main Mix: http://stream.radioparadise.com/flac
    Mellow Mix: http://stream.radioparadise.com/mellow-flac

    They'll also provide "an API endpoint you can use to grab the current now playing metadata + the time until the next song starts", but apparently that is not yet available. Original thread: https://radioparadise.com/community/forum/topic/24857/3846994
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  11. Left Channel
    For those developing custom apps, the above-mentioned API has now been posted to the RP forum:

    > BillG wrote:
    > That's now available here: https://api.radioparadise.com/api/now_playing
    > For alt mixes (currently 'mellow', others in the future) add ?chan=1
    > The 'time' value is the time in seconds until the current song ends, to be used to calculate the refresh time.

    That is only necessary for the new FLAC streams. The 320 kbps and lower streams include meta data. All stream links: https://radioparadise.com/listen/stream-links And if you have LMS or BluOS, there are custom plugins/apps available.
  12. Left Channel
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2019
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  13. ra990
    The FLAC streams sound noticeably better than even the 320kb AAC stream on my speaker system. Definitely worth a try if you're on a high end system.
  14. jwbrent
    Love RP. I’ve been listening to Bill for almost 20 years.

    The FLAC streams were replaced with lossless ALAC streams a while back. My RP app still shows ALAC as the highest quality with no mention of FLAC. I wonder since I’m using an iOS app if the lossless stream is OS specific, iOS devices get ALAC and Android gets FLAC.

    Another cool feature added a while back is choosing your favorites’ stream from the menu on the app. Any song you have rated in the past is what’s played.

    RP has been my number one music discovery site, way more so than when I was signed up to TIDAL.
  15. Left Channel
    I'm with you on RP! Don't know what I'd do without all that hard work by Bill and Rebecca.

    The streams I've been posting here are for third-party apps and web browsers. The offical RP apps offer a different way to contol the mix, or at least the Android app does. I don't use it much, preferring UAPP as my primary mobile music portal

    The RP Android app offers FLAC. ALAC is an Apple thing. The "A" substitutes "Apple" in place of the "F" for "Free", though ALAC is now open source too and as far as I know they sound the same.

    Cropped screen shot of the Android app:

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