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Does extension cable defeat purpose of cable upgrade?

  1. Mediahound
    If I use an extension cable like the Grado one, does the defeat the purpose of having an upgraded headphone cable?
  2. TheAttorney
    A good question - to which I don't know the answer. Shame that no one else has piped in yet.
    What I do know is that an extension cable can degrade the SQ slightly - based on when I added a 5m Stax (non-ribbon) extension cable to my 4040 Stax rig a few years back (giving a total of 7.5m). I subsequently upgraded that 5m cable to Stax's superior 2.5m ribbon cable. And have deliberately never done a comparison test of the new extension cable because the extra freedom of movement is very important to me - so I simply don't want to know if that extra freedom is at the expense of SQ.
    Based on my cable experience in general, I would guess that it's all cumulative: So yes, the extension cable will lose some (but not all) of the SQ gained by the upgraded main cable. But in the wider context of your whole listening experience, I wouldn't worry about it. 
  3. Eisenhower
    upgraded cables don't have that much of a purpose to begin with, so I think you should be fine.
  4. Chris J

    I would argue that the extension cable does defeat the purpose of an upgraded headphone cable.
    Basically, it comes down to, can You hear a difference in your upgraded headphone cable?
  5. DarknightDK
    It depends, only if your headphones and system are resolving enough to pick up the difference. Same with cable upgrades for that matter.
  6. Eisenhower
    Well if I accept the premise that an upgraded cable improves the sound, then I would agree with you.
    In any case, using an "upgraded" cable with an extension cable is pretty silly.
  7. Mediahound
    Thanks for the input all, makes sense. 

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