Does EC/SS have any synergy with K702s?
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Jun 9, 2009
Hi, there have been many posts about how great the Eddie Current EC/SS is with Grados and Senns. Has anyone heard them with AKG K701/2s? Wasn't able to find any previous posts. Thanks for your help.
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Yes, I remember the 701's not being bad with the EC/SS (in reading the Stereomojo review, I don't think my reaction was like that by any means), but they had much better synergy with the Heed.....

I liked the EC/SS mids a lot, and remember the surprising match they made with the Beyers (and the RS-1 I was eventually able to find
), but they weren't the best match for the 701's. I just didn't find it as bad with them as SM did....
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Thanks for the feedback, skullguise. I found an EC/SS on Audiogon for a decent price, so I decided to get it. If I could have found 20+ negative impressions, I would have determined that the EC/SS is not a good match. As it is, I only found a handful of impressions, some good, some bad, so I cannot make any conclusions from this (though it is tempting).
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Welcome to Head-Fi, sorry about your wallet

I think the EC/SS is a very good amp, and should sound even better than your computer out with the 702's. But I fear you may get that upgrade-itis eventually....

I think I saw the EC/SS on Audiogon, and it was a good price, though.

Good luck!

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I definitely don't consider this my be-all, end-all by any means, but I am beginning to realize that with so many choices out there, I will have to do a fair amount of trading to get a system I like (did you see my thread "If I didn't like the Woo"?). It also wouldn't hurt to get to know different cans (like the Grados).

I will probably just pick things up used as they come along, try them and sell whatever sounded worse. What I don't want to do is take a risk on something that is relatively unknown (like the Elekit, which looked interesting) or too expensive as these would be harder to sell off. Maybe I end up with a Zana Deux (one of my faves) at the end of it all anyway, but at least I'll know at that point that nothing at a lower price point is comparable!

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