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Does Bose IE2 and MIE2 sound better than MIE2i and SoundSport?

  1. goodsongs
    I was wondering if IE2 and MIE2 that I eventually accidentally broke that sounded better or if it was the iPhone 3G that I was using with those earphones that sounded better compared to the iPhone 4 that I used with MIE2i and SoundSport which I returned because it didn't sound good.
  2. goodsongs
    Basically I want to get a Bose earphone again. But I am afraid that the ones without volume control are the ones that sounds better. But I value the volume control too, so I am torn.
  3. hk1388
    You can't try them out in a store? I see Bose products at most major retailers in the US.
  4. goodsongs
    I thought you can only try out the BOSE headphones.
  5. hk1388
    Not sure. Why don't you buy both from Amazon (or whatever retailer has them) and return the one you don't like?
  6. goodsongs
    That''s a good idea.

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