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Does anyone know of a good CD Ripper?

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by originalreaper, Feb 8, 2003.
  1. OriginalReaper
    I want to rip some CDs >> MP3s for my SlimX. I did this in August on my old comp (in NY) using Music Match. Tomorrow I'm getting a CD burner again, but MM won't work on this PCrap.

    What's a good FREE (and downloadable) CD Ripper with VBR?
  2. Zin_Ramu
  3. shaun3000
    Yup, that's the best method.
  4. ssblood
    cdex... it's easier then eac and uses lame.
  5. OriginalReaper
    That wasn't so complicated. It's running at 1.01x though, 1.7x peak.

    Damn, I need a new computer.
  6. Lisa Contributor
  7. JiPi
    CDEX is probably 'easier' (not that EAC is complicated but.. I
    guess you could say that). But believe me EAC + LAME is by far
    the best combo to use to rip audio files from CD. And I'm talking
    from experience having myself quite a bit of music on MP3 format.
    All being legal, obviously... *cough*.

    Just follow this link and voilà [​IMG] Pretty easy IMO.

    Download EAC here
    Download LAME here

    Have fun [​IMG]
  8. Zin_Ramu
    EAC is the only program where, when set up corectly, you can be assured of a 100% accurate rip if it says it is 100% accurate. CDex does not do this even in full paranoia mode.

    However, in 99% or more cases CDex will provide the accurate results, but its not 100% guaranteed. So if you find EAC to complicated go for CDex. Also for linux users EAC is not an option.

    But with the directions provided in the above link (the Chrismyden one) setting up EAC its very easy.

  9. LaughMoreDaily
    It's too bad that EAC doesn't work for Windows 10. 
  10. KT66
    Yes it does. I have ripped 100s with eac and win 10
  11. CJG888
    Is there a good solution for Mac users? To date, I have been using iTunes with decent results (with error correction turned on, of course).
  12. notfitforpublic

    XLD has been my goto for awhile now

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