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Does anyone have feedback on the FiiO E3 Miniature Headphone Amplifier?

  1. arjun90
    Does anyone have feedback on the  FiiO E3 Miniature Headphone Amplifier?
  2. eyal1983
    It's ok if you can't spend more...
  3. SteveHiFi
    What sort of feedback are we talking about here? [​IMG]
  4. arjun90
    As in positive and negative experiences with the E3.  The E3 is so cheap right now on places like eBay; very tempting to try out, and makes a good amp option as its made by FiiO.  Its great to join the Brand bandwagon, but the results for me do matter.  :D
  5. SteveHiFi
    I've no personal experiences with it per se, but I have tried it briefly at work.
    There's no volume control, the only control you'll have is if connecting it to the headphone socket of your source and using the volume up/down buttons on your source. You won't be able to use any 'line out' signal as the volume will be stuck at one level only.
    It boosts the output of your device a little bit and adds a bit of bass/treble - it's very basic. I wouldn't expect it to drive headphones that your device alone can't.
    If you want to try cheap Fiio amps, try the E5 or E6 - again, their amping power is linked to their size but at least you have a volume control on them, and a separate bass boost button.

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