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Does anybody have any recommendations for binaural albums that actually SOUND binaural?

Discussion in 'Music' started by double-a, Jul 17, 2015.
  1. Double-A
    Yes, just like stereo. And no, I do not. Not when I'm listening to binaurally recorded music anyway. When it is a recording of somebody talking and they are in front of the binaural microphone head, I can place them in front of me.
    @derbigpr: I know that (ideally) when you are listening to a singer live, they are in front of you.
  2. cdsa35000
    I think depends how the bin. music are recorded/recordings?
    Did they recorded it "live" with every musicians at ones with 1 dummy head?, or bin. recorded separately and then stereo mixed together?

    I find using hp with angled drivers and even with stereo "live" recordings sounds lifelike with sounds from the "front".
    I compared it closed eyes listening to speakers/real live (from front) sounds and find that they do sounds inside my head as almost the same with a good SQ hp and setup.

    The microphone/(studio) recording/mixing/gear/media/amp/hp SQ, S/N, electronics specs etc. spoiled the true replication of reallife SQ.
  3. cdsa35000
    I listen to samples from here:
  4. Double-A
  5. cdsa35000
    Halloo, shiity LQ hp won't make live recording sound live with front wide stage etc.!
    Everything sounds muffled, loss cause.
    Get HQ hp and amp >$ 1000+, even LQ mp3 stereo sounds lifelike!
  6. Double-A
    I don't believe that spending money on a more expensive pair of headphones plus an amp would make any real difference. I think that any difference that I might notice would be the placebo effect . . .
  7. cdsa35000
    What you
    What you believe doesn't make sense if there aren't any significant differences between price-quality of hp/products?
    Mostly better accurate/lifelike SQ etc. means the higher the price for the product.

    My SQ modded hp/headamp SA5000 and X-CAN V3 setup sounds 3D lifelike to me and when listening to 5.1 surround sources, I only need the lowest surround expanding setting, because the "3D" stereo SQ reproduction of the gears are accurate together, any extra fake 3D surround processing artifacts affect the SQ badly sounding making it not sounding "lifelike" anymore.

    What make sounds something coming from the front is if the hp drivers/headamp/design are able to reproduce accurately the tiny delicate (mid/high) frequencies/transients/details of the reverb/delay/reflection/enviroment/room/space/air sounds from a recording.

    If you don't have lifelike 3D sounding gear, there are (cheaper) solutions to enhance the out of the head sounds using surround hardware/software dsp's.
  8. Double-A
    I believe that there isn't as much variation in the sound quality of audio gear as most of the people who frequent this website believe. I believe that the companies who manufacture and sell these products say that they sound better than the competition and attach a high price tag to these items. Then, when people spend the large amounts of money that these products cost, they want to believe that they spent their money well so their brains imagine a vast difference in the sound quality of their setup because of the addition of these new, expensive links in the chain. That won't be necessary, I have found an album that sounds sufficiently binaural to me, and I like the music too (that's always good!).
  9. cdsa35000
    In some way you're right if the products using samey technology/materials/designs.

    Did you ever listen to "high-end" hp and headamps?
    Yeah, if you've only listen to commonly using plastic/pet dome dynamic hp, than everything will sound all the same as plastic, harsh, missing fine details (reverb/air space) etc.

    My first priority is getting gear that can reproduce accurate finer SQ:
    I was never satisfied with the stock SQ of any audiogear, I always study for any revolutionary tech used in their designs and even then I always need to do modifications to improve them to my liking.

    SA5000 use porous paperlike material diaphragm thats able to reproduce the fine vibrant details of air ambience only after the inner damping mod, stock sounds crap, high piercing and distortion because the hard plastic front housing wasn't dampened, causing inner sound reflections corrupts the SQ.

    So same as the stock hybrid tube X-CAN V3 sounds crap too, I mod it with better bigger caps and direct wiring the internals to improve the SQ.

    So like I said if you have lifelike SQ gear, even playing mono sound through it will sound lifelike because it is able to reproduce the finer transients of the room/space distance/reverbs etc.

    What makes sound sounds as in front/outside and from distance from you is the mix together of the base sound and the reverberation of that soundtravel.
    I don't have to search for any better 3D sound with my already "3D lifelike" SQ setup, I watch/play any decoding tech (surround) movies/games/music/midi/vst instruments etc. with it, they sound better than my surround speakers as I can hear any detail accurately without external disturbance/outside noises.

    And binaural tech is maybe better 3D sound for hp but not practical for commerce, as all are mixed for speakers and not for hp.
    HP Surround processing have the benefit of the already more available surround movies/games/music contents.
  10. Mozhoven

    What's the album?
  11. Double-A
    From the Caves of the Iron Mountain by Steve Gorn, Jerry Marotta, and Tony Levin.
  12. fatcat28037 Contributor
    Here's a new CD from Chesky (Cat. #JD369) that's won an International award for recording quality, I have it, it's excellent. David Chesky, Jazz in the New Harmonic, Primal Scream.

  13. TheBicycleThief
    You might like the Hooke Live Sessions (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYp6w6tSgroG5F4GWK6nEIimmZbl0CTai) being made by a new startup called Hooke Audio. They've invented a bluetooth binaural mic that allows you to capture binaural 3D Audio on a smartphone. pretty cool.
  14. KStreetSounds
    If you're into folk, I think the binaural recording is fairly good on The New Appalachians album From the Mountaintop.
    But you're right, my problem with Binaural recording is the musician always sounds like they're behind me, to the side and above my head.  I've never gotten a good answer as to why this is (its not a hardware issue), but here is my best answer...
    Sound bounces around your outer ear before being picked up by your eardrum. That process is one of several that helps you place a sound in the 3D environment around you. My brain has developed and calibrated itself over a lifetime of experience hearing sounds through my specific ears.  But if my ears and head are physically shaped differently than the binaural head's, those reverberations will be "processed" slightly differently before they get to the mic.... so the sound directly in front of a binaural head is "processed" in a way that my own brain recognizes as "slightly behind and above you".  This is not an issue for traditional stereo music.
    I've run across a handful of people that experience the same thing very clearly, but most have no idea what I'm talking about when listening to the exact same file played on the same exact equipment (reminds me of the White/Blue dress fiasco from a few months ago). I would guess if someone did a professional analysis of the physical shape of our ears, all of us that experience the issue would have some particular similarity.
  15. RRod
    See pp.49-50 of this book on the subject. Individualized spectral cues due to the ears/body can help remove front-back ambiguity and aid in determining elevation. So yes, a mismatch with the dummy head could certainly lead to what you are hearing. Also note that head movement---another thing missing from a dummy head recording---also aids us in determining front/back.

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