Does a player with these specs exist?
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Apr 1, 2015
Virginia USA
First off, note that I am coming from using a Creative Labs Zen Vision M player.
I've been looking for years now to find a comparable replacement, but everything I try is always lacking something major.
Here's what I want:
»Physical buttons (I don't want to pull it all the way out of my pocket to pause or skip tracks.) Bonus if it has a lock screen slider like the Zen player.)
»Plays WMA 10 Pro (Sample rates above 48kHz, and multi-channel—that's probably why most players won't play it. [I do not intend to use those, but I want the quality pro offers.])
»If not WMA pro, ogg.
»Add to now playing queue functionality. (Zen player had a My Shortcut button. I set it to 'Add to Now Playing')
»SD card expansion.
»Play counts. (Zen player would sync the play counts with the Windows Media Player, but I would rather something that updates a custom playCount field in the id3 tag.)
»Song rating, bonus if it's a 10 star scale instead of the standard 5 star.

So, the Zen Player never played wma pro nor ogg, and I tried as hard as I could to get the Windows Media Player 10 series to run on windows 7 and failed. Anyway, those items and the short battery life make the Zen Player no longer an option. Oh, and they stopped making music players a few years ago.

I am wondering if any of you own a close fit to these specs? If not, I hope they are at least entertaining with how eccentric they are.

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