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Do you track your audio purchases?

  1. franz12
    Today, I sold one of my gear, and I looked at my spreadsheet to gauge how much I spent on audio gears since I started this hobby. If I sell my all gears at market prices, my net spent would be around $2800. It's been around 33 months since I started this hobby, I spent $1,000 per year on average for audio consumption.

    While it looks neither astronomical nor unsustainable, I feel like I am piling more losses as I buy and sell mar gears repeatedly. I thought it is similar to stock trades. People buy and sell to make greater profits, but in reality, they find themselves piling more losses with more trades. It might be better strategy just buy and hold until I find a really good opportunity. Just my 2 cents.
    Last edited: Mar 3, 2019
  2. wink
    I listen to mine.....................:L3000::ksc75smile::L3000::ksc75smile:
  3. wuwhere Contributor
    I use a spreadsheet.

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  4. KimChee
    Luckily I’ve found a lot of my end game gear...it may be older but it satisfies me...no feeling of needing to upgrade due to having TOTL or the nth degree of detail. Definitely lost money but it seems like a process...
  5. Spareribs
    Not really. I do know that I’ve spent a lot of money. The good news is that these days, the technology and marketing compeition has gotten better and you don't have to spend crazy amounts of money.
  6. prof.utonium
    That would be like me asking my wife to track what she spends on shoes, H**l No
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  7. blackdragon87
    No, i do not. Maybe in the future if I acquire more equipment
  8. iDesign
    I started Head-Fi with the Denon AH-D210 headphones that I purchased from Circuit City and I'm afraid to think about the tens of thousands of dollars spent since.
    Last edited: Mar 3, 2019
  9. 477621
    I tend to track the bargains and share those with the wife. The rest just appears and is silently merged in to the herd.

    I played in bands for around twenty years and used to have lots of great gear coming in and out all the time. Headphones are so much easier to file away without drawing too much attention. Not like my old guitars and amps that were about as easy to hide as it would be to hide behind a face cloth.
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  10. serman005
    No, I do not. I do not put headphones in the same category as investment vehicles (stocks, bonds, real estate, insurance). I expect to lose money on headphone gear and consider it the price of my musical enjoyment. It's the fee for admission. Seems to work for me. :)
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  11. Simx90
    No. Sounds like a chore to do
  12. Brad H Tims
    I budget for them every month and try to sell cans that I'm not using as much to supplement the purchase of new ones.
  13. baskingshark
    Haha this hobby is a chase down an endless rabbit hole. Wish somebody told me this before I jumped in.

    I don't formally track my audio purchases, but for myself at least, I try to limit myself to spending max $200 USD per quarter. Which usually fails LOL.
  14. phthora
    I don't track my purchases in audio, but I do follow a couple of rules to keep the hobby from affecting my finances or my marriage:

    1) I always save the money for the purchase first.
    2) I don't spend any of the money from my primary income on audio.

    Keeps my wife happy because I don't touch any money from my paycheck; keeps my colleagues happy because I don't ever turn down an opportunity for a little extra pay; and it keeps me happy because I have a sick collection of audio equipment now.
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  15. WalkerTS
    Nope, but probably should to prevent overspending (all those gears out there are so tempting!)

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