Do you know who built this BH ?
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As far as I know the amp was indeed most recently owned by TrevorNetwork/Alex_O_Rules, who was twice banned here. He is from Atlanta, Georgia. There was an interesting thread regarding this amp over at the other place. Search this forum for trevornetwork and you will find some most unsavory dealings.

Oh my.  I didn't realized this was all related! 
Here's a thread about Trevornetwork and the type of person he is:
If you look on the other site for thread "Clarification on Blue Hawaii Power Supply" you'll find more of Trevornetwork posing as another handle.  The guy (Trevornetwork) seems to have had the amp apart for all sorts of testing and it seems unknown if momomo6789 tinkered with it or not.  If it's working then great! I don't know any local Stax mafia that could check it out for you but if you're willing to ship and are motivated to make sure it checks out I'm sure someone could give it a one over; at least when it was in Naamanf's possession it was a very solid build from the comments I've seen.
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naaman -> jp#s -> momo -> trevornetwork -> you if memory serves me right.
naaman is the guy to ask but I believe the transistors aren't running at full bias?  I think I remember reading that in the trevor thread on the other site.
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Yup. When it arrived it didn't sound very nice with the 507 or the 007mk2. So I called our local tube audio dealer
who recommended our local Audio Wizard in Scottsdale
and  they re-set all of the biases. It now has excellent SQ with the 507 and 007mk2, and with the 009 it has perfect tonality and timbre, but it could have better transparency, clarity, detail. I haven't inspected all of its components, but the Wizard said it looked A-OK.
Naamanf has pm'd me with answers to several questions, and I am very grateful. Bottom line seems to be to try the xf2 variety of EL34s, which are highly recommended in the BH threads here.
He definitely seems to be an upstanding member of this community. Too bad he doesn't have time to do more custom builds. This is a beautiful piece of work.
And THANKS to all of you, too!
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I've heard good stuff about the Audio Wizard, he's spoken about enough in Internet circles!  Apparently some of our local shops use him too but he comes at a premium...
I just fired up the KGSS + o2 for the first time in about 4 months man does it sound good.  I can't image how the BH or the BHSE would sound, my face would probably fall off.

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