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Do you get IEM listening fatigue?

  1. ericysh
    Do you guys get IEM listening fatigue? Share you experience please.
  2. Vitandus
    I just bought the Fiio FH5 and was comparing to the iSine 20. I got really bad fatigue, and finally figured it out - the FH5 has a really short nozzle, and I never felt the fit was right, so I constantly playing with the set. My left ear in particular just ended up fatigued, and then hurting. Never experienced that level of fatigue and pain before.
  3. Whitigir
    I have several problems with iems. I am used to headphones and so when I put iems on, I listened too loud and it creates some short of buzzing after 15-20 minutes listening. Then iems just hurt my canals. So I have always been a Headphones guy
  4. surfgeorge
    Yey, I do!
    One thing is comfort, the other the sound...
    I have to admit that my experience with IEMs is very limited - but while I enjoy listening to good music with my combo of HiByR3 - Mojo - Pinnacle P1, switching to the full size Audioquest NightOwls is bliss!
    If anyone knows of an "affordable" IEM that has a similar sound to the NightOwls please let me know.
    Affordable meaning I can't see myself spendign more than 2-300 Euros on an IEM.
  5. Whitigir
    Bliss already at night owls ? Imagine those 30k setup :) welcome to the new beginning
  6. surfgeorge
    Oh yeah! I have what I need in terms of headpones, maybe get an IEM that closes the gap, but otherwise I am happy with what I got.

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