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Do you ever miss gear you've sold?

  1. AllsWell
    Does anyone ever miss the gear they've sold ?

    I was thinking about how I miss my old Shure Triple Fi's (funny thing is I can't remember if I sold them or not...)

    I upgraded and have been using my JVC HA FX 850s for a long time now and love the sound but sometimes I wish I could remember the sound I was listening to in the past .

    Anyways though I'd share that though for some reason.
  2. Spareribs
    I kind of miss my Grado 60 model that I gave to my friend.

    I think there should be love songs written about long lost gear instead of long lost lovers.
    nordkapp likes this.
  3. Palartemis
    I have a solution to this, become a hoarder like myself, I never get around to selling anything much, moving house is the only stimulus to a clearout. :ksc75smile:
  4. Redcarmoose
    I only miss a Les Paul guitar I sold ten years ago. Strange as I rarely miss anything?
  5. ksorota
    All the time, I have owned the Focal Clears and Ether C Flows twice, and am wondering if I should try the Cascades again now that the larger pads are available.

    I am less concerned about amps that I have sold, the only one I somewhat wish I still owned is the Chord Mojo...what a handsome little amp that sounded great!

    Im trying really hard to stick to just 2 headphones...I have an Auteur on order that will be my number 1, just need to settle on a number 2.
  6. nordkapp
    Yes, all the time.....
  7. wuwhere Contributor
    That's what this guy I work with neighbor whose dad's friend had a pair of Koss Porta Pro.
  8. nordkapp
    Kind of like old girlfriends......sometimes......
  9. blackdragon87
    yeah, the hd 58x
  10. serman005
    Yes, as funny as it sounds, I miss my HD202s. :frowning2:
  11. Playstation
    why did i sell my fiio e17!!!!?
  12. wink

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