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Do you believe in Karma.. Non relgious thread..

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  1. kool bubba ice
    I learned at a very young age not to make fun of people different then me.. When I was in the first grade I was tormented by a fellow class mate who picked on me cause I had trouble speaking fluently.. I noticed he was abscent from class for a while. I found out he was hit by a car, had brain damage, & need to learn to speak all over again.. Really made me think..
  2. Katun
    Too an extent, yes. Can I identify and define 'extent', no.
    That is a very creepy way to learn a lesson. Makes me want to keep my mouth shut more often.
    And yes, very thought provoking story, and topic.
  3. sanakaku
    Simply yes, it will come back to you one way or the other
  4. virometal Contributor

    That is one lesson I have to constantly remind myself of. Most of the time, it's better to keep your trap shut.
    I believe in karma, well more like really want to believe in karma.
  5. Rip N' Burn
    I believe in consequences for every action even if the consequences manifest themselves later on in life. I know this from personal experience. What I've learned is whenever I do things selfishly I end up with negative consequences. When I do things without selfish motivation, I end up with positive consequences. Practical common sense also gets me out of trouble.
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  6. semisight
    I mean, I don't strictly believe in karma, but I do think people with a deep seated guilt for their actions may unconsciously seek out punishment for their actions so that they can feel relieved/justified. Doesn't account for OPs story (made me think for a minute), but it happens.
  7. Ttvetjanu


  8. TheWuss
    yes.  and on the flip side of that, people who do good things are given a lift in spirit, and are thus more willing to see the good in others, and are then more willing to accept others' actions in the spirit in which they were intended.
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  9. leeperry
    Well, there seems to be a universal golden rule that "what goes around comes around". Religions tried to give it a name calling it "theirs", just like greed...which is evil and considered satanic in most religions AFAIK.
  10. Deep Funk
    For some reason it works. Just be nice and polite, stay out of (serious) trouble and if you have a bad day you have a bad day. That is all I know and all I need to know. Maybe it is because of my roots and upbringing but I am cool with that.
  11. Katun
  12. Deep Funk
    The F-word... Sunmermaster, even if Karma does not interest you there is still Head-Fi...
  13. rhythmdevils


    This is essentially Karma. 
    But the idea of Karma is actually very mis-understood by most people esp in this country. 
    The original idea of Karma is that what we do in this lifetime affects us in future lifetimes, not this one.  So everything that is happening to us in this lifetime is because of what we have done in previous lifetimes.  Everything from where we were born, our parents, our temperment, etc was created by us, by our actions in previous lifetimes.  Karma may not come back to us for a long time. 
    It's much more complicated than that, but there's a brief summary.
  14. Dev Avidon
    In keeping with the original concept of this being a non-religious thread, and hence shying away from Karma as defined within Taoism or Zen Buddhism, I think some reasonable facsimile of "karma" exists insofar as the nature of your actions and decisions profoundly impact the level of meaning you can derive from life.  For me, karma is a function of Eudaimonia (Aristotelian concept...the rough gist is that there is a fundamental difference between the pleasure derived from meaningless gratification in the form of physical sensation, monetary reward, etc and happiness that is to be gained from striving towards a moral existence).  As far as I'm concerned, genuine happiness is inextricably wound up with pervasive morality.  If you think about it, human beings make most of their decisions within a fairly hierarchical rubric.  If you think about the nature of human logic, for example, all human logic is either tautological or reductive, and so too, I believe, are human desires.  So as an example, few people desire money for the sake of money, they desire money for the sake of its power, which in turn they desire for the sake of comfort, or prestige, which in turn they desire for the sake of the emotion that creates within them, and so on.  Ultimately, I believe there is a single, driving motivation behind most human beings' decisional hierarchies that ultimately foreshadows their choices, actions and preferences.  For myself, I believe that the net end of human existence is to seek Eudaimonia; that a state of fulfilled happiness is effectively nirvana; and that while there is (again, my belief, not a blanket statement) such a thing as objective morality, human consciousness is so profoundly limited that no one will ever achieve perfect morality, and even if one could, no one could ever possess the capacity to understand that one had.  As a result, I believe that the definition of meaningful, moral living then is to strive towards that state knowing full well that it cannot be achieved, and hence at some point every decision I make is deferent to my desire for Eudaimonia.  So while karma as defined as some kind of tangible, worldly justice to be meted out by a Great Chain of Being on the basis of whether or not you have disturbed it is not a compelling concept for me, I do believe there is karma insofar as you will reap from your life only so much as you decide to invest in it.  I cannot know what of my actions have been objectively moral and what have not (though I do have a working hypothesis), but the one thing I know for certain will doom my life to emptiness and sadness is apathy.
  15. rhythmdevils
    NIce post!  I agree that every single person on earth fundamentally wants nothing more than to be happy.  We are all just so very confused, some more than others.  Even Dick Cheney
    wants to be happy and thinks what he's doing will bring him happiness. 
    But I don't see Karma as some kind of judgement made by some supernatural being on the basis of how close we have come to perfection.  I see it just that we create our worlds and our lives with our intentions and actions.
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