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do WOMEN like HEAD-FI??

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  1. Happy Camper
  2. Sil3nce Moderator
    I love you bro :)
  3. Sil3nce Moderator


    Oops :)
    Sorry for my error
    Most women haha
  4. RexAeterna
    there's lot of good looking women that's into their music as much as men(especially instruments). just lot of them don't really care about the technical parts of audio equipment. if it sounds good to them then that's all that matters and they can have a happy listening. 
  5. Sanveann

    Apology accepted :wink:
  6. JamesMcProgger
    so there are? 
    well, 1 or 2. i wouldnt hope to find more than 5.
    girls. do you often go out with your headphones? cause i have never seen one (skull candies do not count)
  7. Kirosia
    Kirosia likes Head-fi and he is sometimes a woman
  8. Sanveann
    Just to work. (I used to wear them to run, but I like to use pregnancy as an excuse to avoid exercise. Well, plus it's been like 10 degrees F here.)
  9. youngngray
    Another think I've noticed (especially with my mom :p) is that she absolutely cannot stand any sort of bass. It's really weird. In the car stereo, she ALWAYS turns the bass down to like nothing. Whenever I use it, I have to turn it back up to normal. I really don't understand it, and I'm not even a basshead at all. Anybody else notice anybody who does the same thing?
  10. boomana

    Current gym rig: JH13s, iphone
    Current around town rig: JH13s, headamp pico slim, ipod classic
    Current work rig: Grado HF2, LaRocco PRI, ipod classic 
    Current main home rig: Stax O2MK1, Headamp KGBH SE, APL modded Phillips SACD1000
    Incoming bedroom/office rig: JH 3A/16, ipad or macbookpro
    Don't make too many assumptions about women.

    50an6xy06r6n likes this.
  11. buffalowings


    what! 0-o????
  12. JamesMcProgger

  13. buffalowings


    his assumption is generally true, it's rare to see an audiophile let alone a female one while up and about. 
  14. JamesMcProgger


    and when  do you use your skull candy's?


    interesting, very. but i think we should generalize. bassheads and trebleheads always exists. usually clubber or rave girls digs bass
  15. Uncle Erik Contributor

    You left out your speaker rig. :)

    And all the women in my family listen to Grados. Gifts from me, but they certainly get used.
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