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Do u trust Frequence Response Graph ?? Innerfidelity

  1. Ultimate Audio
    so , how come akg Q701  has a better low end than for example Fidelio x1 ??on innerfidelity graph , every body says that q701 are bass light and x1 close to a basshead HP so i dont get it ??
  2. Ultimate Audio
    even sennheiser hd600 has more sub bass and bass than x1 on innerfidelity freq response graph , so i really dont get it , can somebody explain this ??thanks
  3. Kaffeemann
    You should look at the whole graph, not just the bass frequencies.
    The compensated graph for the X1 is a downslope from 50 Hz on, with the exception of the 10 kHz peak.
    Meanwhile, the Q701 is almost flat from 100Hz to 10 kHz.
    The X1 also has more distortion in the sub bass, which might contribute to more perceived bass.
    That being said, I don't trust innerfidelity's compensated graphs, because the don't reflect what I hear. I just use the uncompensated (grey) ones.
  4. Head Injury
    You also have to look at the treble and midrange, too. Everything is relative, even if a headphone extends better it will sound bass-light if the treble will be louder. Take a look at the compensated curves (red and blue) and you'll see that the Q701 stays at the same approximate level of volume but the X1 slopes down and doesn't come back up.
    The Q701's upper midrange and lower treble is fully 5-10 dB above the lower midrange and bass on the uncompensated graph, and the bass hump is shallow and starts high at 500 Hz. The X1's upper midrange briefly peaks about 5 dB above the bass hump, but the treble drops back down to the same level and rolls off faster after 10 kHz. That the X1's bass is mostly contained in a 60-80 Hz bass hump won't really decrease the perceived bass, it will actually enhance it with a punchier sound. Open headphones can't really do rumbling sub-bass so you're not missing much there. The LCD-2 almost sounded bass-light to me when I first got it because I was used to hearing a bass hump, but I learned to appreciate a flat bass.
    When I see the X1's graph I think of a V-shaped sound with a lot of mid-bass and upper midrange and not as much in between. When I see the Q701's graph I think of a bass-light headphone with an emphasis on upper midrange and treble.
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  5. wafflezz
    It gives a general idea of what you're in for.
    Is it the say all end all? no.
    But if the graph is typically very flat, that's a good sign. 
    People's impressions matter a lot too
  6. Oktyabr


    I think it's the emphasis or possibly any great deficiencies that the brain tends to home in on, especially at the far right end of the scale.  Like you, I think I more often than not enjoy a headphone that is closer to flat than "boosted" in the bass region.  I like headroom's graphs too.  While a quick glance shows peaky treble on both of these cans, if you follow the line from the highest peak in the treble to the highest peak in the upper bass region one can see that the bass is a full +3db higher than the highest peak on the right, in the K712, where the K702 is only +1 higher.  Reasonably the K712 will seem to have more "bass".   I haven't had a chance to A/B these two myself yet but when I do (soon) I imagine which one I will be keeping.


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