Do Razer or Turtle Beach make quality headsets?
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I was just wondering if either Razer or Turtle Beach make quality gaming headsets. I'm in the market for my first ever pair, so I don't know who's good and who isn't. I know both Razer and Turtle Beach make a lot of sales, but that definitely isn't a sure sign of quality.

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No they dont are you looking for pc or console
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Frankly, with everyone, including Turtle Beach, switching from external surround encoders that work well in movies too on non-gaming machine, everywhich nowconnected via Toslink, gaming headset ls today so heavily rely on in machine apps for headphone surround, that only difference between them is style, and chat features o

However no one I know of made a DTS and LPCM external surround headphone encoder. And Dolby Atmos Headphone app only works in Atmos encoded movies, and Dolby 5.1 and 7.1 external decoders only work WELL with Dolby Pro-Logic to Dolby 7.1 movies. Game machine's DTS to Dolby conversions are optimized for "communal sound", not headphone sound.

By the way, Turtle Beaches work on every disc player, TV/cable/satellite tuner with Dolby and a Toslink out.
you buy a special add on, Laser Discs sound better than their DVD cousins in my Turtle Beach equipment.

At best, Turtle Beach considers working with movie players "a side effect" and has been actively distancing themselves from the 360 era.

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