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Do I need the E17 with Macbook Pro/iPhone 4?

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by jhclare, Oct 8, 2012.
  1. jhclare
    Hi all,
    I'm wondering if you can help.
    I'm new to portable hi-fi but not to audiophile equipment. Used to have a lively Linn LP12 and Naim amp, loved it! I had to sell all my vinyl and gear when we moved, so I'm looking for something that sounds great but won't break the bank.
    I have an iPhone 4 at the moment, and a MacBook Pro.
    I recently bought some Grado S80i cans, and am using them with the Fiio E17, and using the various Mac audiophile players to see what I prefer. 
    Sounds pretty good!
    However, I read a review on Amazon of the E17 saying that the MacBook Pro's DAC and amp are already pretty good, and unless you have hard to drive phones or a crappy soundcard, you don't really need the E17.
    What are your opinions on this?
    I've just read about the Rocoo P player. Would using this along with my Grados sound significantly better than the MacBook/iPhone through the E17?
    All I want is the best sound for the money. Shall I return the E17 and get the Rocoo P?
    Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. jhclare
    I have tried some searches before posting but couldn't find anything relating to this exact issue. 
    Apologies if this has been discussed, any pointers welcome! :)
    Here is the review I'm referring to:
  3. Kjeldsen
    To quote Chewy4 from another post.


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