Do I need a headphone amplifier for a HD600?
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May 15, 2018
I am currently listening to my Spotify music on my PC which is connected to a Behringer UMC204HD that goes out to my Focal Alpha65 studio monitor speakers. I am looking to purchase the HD600 for monitoring my guitar signal via the UMC204HD but am unsure if it will be a good idea SQ wise or if it would have enough juice to drive the 300 ohms pair of headphones.

In the event I have to purchase a headphone amplifier, I am also concerned how the connection should take place from the Behringer to the headphone amp as the 2 main outs to the studio monitors are already taken.

Do I use the Playback outputs 1+2 on the A side and have that connected to the headphone amplifier or ? I need to have the headphone amplifier connected to the Behringer as I have a guitar signal going in from the XLR inputs and would like to be able to hear music from the PC as well as the guitar.

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